How To Keep Students Educationally Engaged During Sudden School Shutdowns

How To Keep Students Educationally Engaged During Sudden School Shutdowns

02 February, 2024

When mind-numbing figures from around the world are floating in about the current coronavirus outbreak, you cannot help but agree to the official decision of shutting down schools. We will naturally want to keep our children from out of harm’s way when experts are constantly ringing the alarm bells against COVID-19. But when schools are shut indefinitely, the obvious question that peeks from the other side is about your child’s education. Should the student be off his/her books just because schools are shut? The answer is surely no. And you will have to take up the baton to continue your child’s education from home. Bring the school to your home if the student cannot go the school.

Here is what you can do to keep your child educationally engaged.

Create a school-like routine at home

If your child’s schools start at 8:00 AM, be sure to instruct the student to sit with his/her books at 8:00 AM only.Routine is necessary to keep the education flowing and you need to ensure that the shut-school policy does not hamper the normal schedule. If required, follow the school’s normal study routine or create your own. The student needs to sit down with his/her books on every subject and stay in close touch with education.

Revise old topics or learn new

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 outbreak time is when most schools hold their annual examinations. While some schools have already completed their tests before the pandemic reached India, others had to postpone the remaining exams to keep the children safe. Here, you might feel at crossroads as to what to teach – subjects of the current curriculum or the topics of the next class –as a few exams might still be hanging or the books to the next are not available at home. As parents, you are the judge. Feel free to teach anything that you are comfortable with. The top schools in Gurgaon are capable of picking up from where you leave your child and the decision does not have to complicated for you.

Encourage self-study

The entire family is naturally at home. Just as your child needs to study during this regrettable break, you might also have to work to run the household. You should definitely invest a considerable amount of time to keep your child educationally engaged, but you cannot do that every day of the week. So, initially, teach your child techniques of self-study. Encourage him/her to learn from resources that he/she might enjoy, like videos and games. Plan the self-study methods around your child’s current grade and exercise supervision depending on his/her age.

Open up the internet

The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are trying their best to send as many online resources as possible to students over the internet. Now might be a good time to relax a few restrictions on your child’s internet time and let him/her access more while the schools are closed. The EdTech applications can also come in handy if the students need immediate supervision with any topic or search engines like Google and YouTube are always there with a trove of information. Sit together on the internet to learn new subjects and allow your child to access the same with the necessary filters and blockers activated. Senior students can also engage in group studies over the internet with the appropriate available tools.

Set your child assignments and projects

Dawn the hat of the school teachers and set your child’s homework. Be strict about the deadlines you set and mentionthe consequences of non-compliance. Here again, plan your child’s home assignments. Mix things up by asking your child to complete the worksheet behind the chapter, write an essay on a common topic or prepare a book review. For preschoolers, you can talk to the teachers over the phone as to what type of home assignments you can set your young student and the educators of the best playschool in Gurgaon will always be happy to help.

Home education is also effective when done right and that is why the Alpine Convent School has kept its communication lines open for its students and parents even when the school’s doors are shut. Alpine, over the years, has worked with its parents to maintain a working home learning environment and the students should not have any difficulty fitting into that structure now. Plus, all the required assistance is always available from the school for both students and parents alike to preserve as much normalcy as possible during these abnormal times. COVID-19 does not have to interfere with your child’s education. Empower yourselves as parents to educate your child with complete backing from the school in all forms.