School Fees


The school fees is easily paid through the Alpine Convent School mobile app, available for Android as well as iOS versions.

Please note that the school fees should be paid as per the given schedule:

  • Admission fees should be paid in total at the time of reserving the seat.
  • Annual charges are payable once in year before the commencement of an academic session.
  • A tuition fee is payable every quarter. However, if the parent wishes, the annual fee and tuition fee for the entire year may be paid at once by 10th April. In this case, the parent will be eligible for a fee waiver of 1 month’s tuition fee.
  • Parents are requested to pay the fees using the Alpine Convent School App only. There will be no additional charges in case of payments made through VISA, Mastercard and UPI. In case payments are made using Diner’s or Amex Card, additional charges may apply.

The school fee structure is categorized according to the branches and session, please use the drop down menu so that fee structure can be shown below.

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