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Alpine Convent School | Best Playschool In Gurgaon?

Sending your child to a playschool is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, also often an overwhelming experience for parents. It is the first big step that a child takes to learn and play while staying away from their parents. Interacting with other little humans of their age, and teachers can be a lot for the children.

An infrastructure that is designed to help the child get familiar and comfortable, and a faculty that is focused on helping the children can facilitate healthy holistic development of your children in playschool.

Alpine Convent School is the best play school in Gurgaon, combining elements from the best global playschools to make it a dream place for every parent and their children. It is a comfortable playschool where your child can unleash their energy and creativity into learning and bonding with others.

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Safe and Secure Environment

The safe and secure environment plays a part in making Alpine Convent School one of the best playschools in Gurgaon. The school has thorough safety mechanisms put in every nook and corner of the school premises by professionals. At Alpine, we understand how safety is a no-compromise matter for parents to ensure the well-being of their children.

  • We have IP Cameras that give live access to parents so that they can keep an eye on their child's classrooms.
  • We have Fire Detection Systems and Safety Alarms.
  • We have Security Guards throughout the school campus.
  • Our faculty is trained in Disaster Management.
  • We have on-the-spot Medical Facilities and a nurse available on the school campus at all times.

These well-planned measures make Alpine Convent School the safest place for your child will grow and learn. 

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The Vision of the Play School

At Alpine Convent School, we are committed to providing the highest quality educational and extracurricular facilities to our students. We are an international school that offers Excellence in Education.

Our visionary Chairperson, Mr. R.K. Sharma believes that holistic development is an uncompromising area for the kids studying at Alpine Convent School. The school provides it with the help of its expansive infrastructure, its brilliant and dedicated faculty, and the support of parents.

At Alpine Convent School, we believe in breaking rigid conventions that make learning a dull process. We actively nurture our little ones to shape them and mould them into the leaders of tomorrow, and that is what makes Alpine Convent School the Best Playschool in Gurgaon.

Playful Infrastructure

Alpine Convent School has a playful infrastructure with a number of amenities that aid your child to learn and grow at the same time. Here are some of the key elements at Alpine Convent Playschool:

Fully Equipped Classrooms

At Alpine Convent School, your child will get to learn via 21st-Century digital technologies. The classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards for smart learning. The school familiarizes the kids with digital equipment while ensuring only a healthy use for interaction, and not a dependency on digital tools.

Excellent Sports Facilities

Children need to engage in sports to grow at a pace. At Alpine Convent School, the children learn through play and acquire key skills like leadership, team spirit, and confidence during play. The School has excellent sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor grounds and courts for sports of all kinds. There is also a kids' swimming pool, yoga and aerobics studio, and more. With sandpits, swings, and slides, the infrastructure ensures that the little students have fun. All the sports activities are supervised by trained teachers, instructors, and sports coaches.

Art & Craft Rooms

Art & Crafts have a special place in every child's life. Playing with bright colors, and paints, and creating art can help give the child a channel to release their creativity. At Alpine, we have a colorful, airy, and inspiring art room, where students learn drawing and painting with various, child-friendly mediums to express their creativity freely. It provides the child a hands-on experience in exploring their inner talents. The teachers are always there to assist the students to learn, practice and grow.

Curriculum for the Little Ones

Playschool is not all about play. The little ones are also taught crucial things via a curriculum that is centered around ensuring overall development. The playschool curriculum at Alpine Convent School is developed by experts who understand child psychology and learning habits. The learning objectives are often introduced through interactive worksheets, classroom activities, and more.

Here are the core areas of our curriculum for your little ones:

Focus On Developing Language

Even little children need to focus on their reading and writing skills to help them communicate with the world around them. When the child understands and uses language perfectly, they can enjoy classroom stories, poems, and everything that their teachers communicate. Clarity in language also gives the children the confidence of expressing themselves openly and creatively.

We focus on familiarizing and training the children to understand the following aspects of communication: listening, speaking, writing, and comprehension.

Helping Children Grasp Fundamental Concepts

We encourage our students to explore interdisciplinary subjects such as Sciences - Physical Science, Social Science, Environmental Science, and Life Science through observation and exploration of the objects and things around them. For the same reason, our playschool premises consists of healthy plants, and lush scenery that we use to help the children identify their uses of them.

We work on concept development by integrating learning with interactive activities. Alpine Convent School provides your child with an environment that stimulates their creativity, and intellect, and encourages them to not only question things but to also find the answers.

Physical Development Through Games

Physical development is as necessary for the little ones as is cognitive development. We work on helping the students develop their fine motor and gross motor skills through activities like puzzle solving, identifying and sorting shapes, active play, and more.

Every single child is encouraged to come forward and participate in class discussions, which helps the child gain confidence and self-expression. It also helps them acquire thinking skills, as well as the development of emotional, social, and language skills.

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