First Day at School Post-Pandemic

First Day at School Post-Pandemic

18 February, 2022

Lockdown has changed our lives drastically. It has restricted us to the vicinity of our homes. It has also changed the way we used to function and has created a new normal for us. This includes working and studying from home. For the first few months, most of the workers were working from home and students were unable to join the school and they had to pursue their studies online. It was a huge adjustment as studying at home meant staring at screens for the entire duration of the classes. This also meant limited interaction with their friends and teachers and no sports for most of the time.

The situation is getting slightly better now, and everyone is going out for their daily chores. The best schools in Gurgaon have also been reopened and students cannot wait to start their schools, meet their friends and teachers. The first day at school is usually filled with familiar faces and welcome-back hugs. However, this year, going back to school can be full of anxiousness due to the pandemic as it is still not completely over. Many students are discovering their first day at school isn’t exactly what they’d dreamed of. Meeting up with friends and getting together for a game of football is no longer a fantasy but students are facing difficulty in going back to school. The classes are no longer limited to screens and social interactions are surely beneficial for children.

If you are a resident of Gurgaon and looking to enroll your child in the best school in Gurgaon, then Alpine convent school which is the best school in Gurgaon is a perfect choice for you. The school is ready to welcome their students with the same familiar atmosphere but with all the precautionary norms to keep students safe and healthy. The classrooms, assembly hall, sports complex, school buses and library are well sanitized. Sanitizer outlets are installed in the school premises at many spots. Every student must go through a temperature check to make sure they are healthy to join the school.

The vision and mission of Alpine school and how exactly they fulfill it makes them the best CBSE school in Gurgaon. They wish to mold their students in such a manner that they become a responsible citizen of the world. They teach their students values and morals that make them stand out in society. The students are provided with a safe environment where they learn how to modulate their thought process and learn beyond textbooks. It helps them become the leader of the future and take ownership towards their own growth. If you wish to make your child the best version of themselves, Alpine convent school is the best school in sector 10. The school has a legacy since 1966 of advanced infrastructure, course curriculum, highest quality education and enriching their lives with morals and values.

The Alpine school is one of the best schools in Gurgaon sector 10. It has highly qualified and professional teaching staff. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school is a perfect blend of Indian roots with updated and international course structure. This helps the students stay ahead of time and learn valuable lessons. The lessons learnt in classrooms are beyond textbook knowledge.

They enable the child to learn through real life examples and educational concepts. The school inculcated the feeling of togetherness and yet teaches individuality to every student enrolled in their school. The lesson plans are planned by the best of the faculties in the form of projects, charts, assignments and extra-curricular activities. The school boasts about the quality of teaching methods and staff. Their hiring process is thorough and takes on cream-of-the-cream for their students. It is their firm belief that a teacher can help a student achieve their utmost potential.  The teaching staff at Alpine school is empathetic and supportive which makes the institution the best school in sector 10 albeit best CBSE school in Gurgaon.

The practicality of the course structure keeping the overall growth and development of the children requires for them to get together. Learning values such as leadership and kindness happens when children get to interact with each other. Not only limited to values, the practical courses that required lab work also lagged in the time of lockdown. Alpine school takes care of the course curriculum planning in such a manner that it is helping students adjust to the new normal and course structure.  the course every year is an amalgamation of Indian and International study material. This helps the students stay updated on the subject matters.

Even though students might be anxious or excited to return to their classrooms, nothing has changed at Alpine accepts the precautionary standards. The teaching staff is available to help the students reach their potential and learn new things in the classroom every day. If you want to invest in the future of your child, Alpine convent school is the way to go. Send your child to the best schools in Gurugram and watch them soar to new heights of excellence.