Best Schools in Sector 56, Gurgaon

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Best Schools in Gurgaon Sector 56 - Convent Schools in Gurugram

Commissioned in the year 1996, Alpine Convent School is not just the best convent school in Gurgaon Sector 56 but the most sought-after international school for students enrolling from all around the world. Fulfilling the diverse aspirations of students, Alpine Convent School is a world-class institution with state-of-the-art infrastructure, pre-eminent facilities, cautious student management and an impeccable track record of providing superiority in education.

Since its inception, Alpine Convent School has always been evolving talented minds that contribute to nation-building with their marvellous track records, perpetual mindset and applaudable skills. The school is renowned for offering a wide stage for inclusive learning that helps the students tremendously in focusing more. Adhering to futuristic educational philosophy, the school provides flexible learning choices to students, covering diverse academic and non-academic curricula under one shed.

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Alpine Convent School has a solid, one-of-its-kind vision to simply provide “Excellence in Education” by utilising its progressive infrastructure. We, at Alpine, believe that to help achieve their educational goals, the students need a nurtured environment where their intellect is stimulated and their ideas are listened to and encouraged.

The standards of education are unconventional at Alpine. We believe in giving students a sense of freedom to express themselves through their academic and non-academic identities. The school is committed to upholding its legacy of providing brilliant and progressive education. Whether it’s education or co-curricular activities, the school always support the students in winning laurels and accolades at the various state and national levels. We are proud of our heritage of supremacy in education and we’re constantly motivated to maintain the eminent standards of education that we currently have.

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At Alpine Convent School, which is the best convent school in Gurugram Sector 56, we are firm believers of our educational philosophy, according to which, no child should be deprived of the tools and infrastructure that can assist them in their holistic growth and development. Along with infrastructural benefits, we also provide our students with round-the-clock support for their academic and extracurricular endeavours. We acknowledge that leaders are not born but leaders are taught, shaped and nurtured to lead. We support our students as they pave their way through the world and emerge as confident, skilful, and visionary individuals.

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We transform our students into their best version by providing them with an excellent teaching methodology, focused to assist them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, along with motivating them to constantly work on themselves. Following are some of the processes conducted at Alpine Convent School wielding our international teaching methodology:

  • Personalized Learning According to the Individual Student
  • Interactive and Activity-Based Learning
  • A Fine Balance of Academics with Co-Scholastic Events
  • Regular Classroom Discussions to bestow a broad perspective into the students

The modern pedagogy that we use at Alpine Convent School is devised after carefully studying and incorporating the best international-level of fundamental concepts of modern teaching available today. The school is destined to provide one-on-one personalised focus to every pupil.


Alpine Convent School, Sector-10, Gurgaon has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, built to make academic and extracurricular learning full of fun and insightsfor the students. Alpine Convent School’s core belief is to maintain and deliver a fine balance between learning and play. We understand students’ behaviours and at this age, we like to do something only if we love to do it. All the facilities at the massive campus of the school are carefully designed according to the interest of every student.We have a range of amenities put in place to cater to students’ diverse interests.

Highly experienced and immensely qualified faculty and sports coaches at Alpine motivate and push students to evolve interests in academics, extracurricular activities and various sports played on the campus.

Here are some of the facilities at Alpine Convent School that your ward will be encountering to:


The carefully planned and build infrastructure at the best convent school in Gurugram, Alpine Convent School serves the interests of parents who want to provide their children with an international level of infrastructure for their competitive, continuous and holistic development.

Also, the infrastructure at Alpine Convent School is designed to make a great balance in academic and extracurricular learning, and at the same time great fun for the students. We believe that every student has to get the opportunity to use every facility at the campus according to their interest and requirements. Their interests are further pushed by proffering a wide range of sports and trained sports faculty to them at the school campus. We have some of the best coaches who train and guide the students in their choice of sports and extracurricular endeavours.

Take a glance at what constitutes the non-academic infrastructure at Alpine Convent School:


The bespoke curriculum at Alpine Convent School is simple yet distinctive. We provide our students with international education which celebrates the individual talents and understands the worth of every child. We believe in amalgamating the Indian tradition with international educational pedagogy to offer the students an extensive and rich educational experience.

At Alpine Convent School, we have a brilliant curriculum for all grades which is devised to enable the overall growth and development of the students by:

  • Building Team Spirit & Leadership Skills
  • Ensuring Intellectual, Physical and Emotional Growth
  • Ensuring Safe Environment and Well-Being
  • Developing Creativity
  • Inculcating Discipline
  • Ensuring Balance Between Academics & Extracurriculars


At Alpine that is the best convent school in Gurugram, there is a great emphasis on providing top-tier infrastructure for sports because we believe that physical strength is as much important as academics or mental strength. Our sports infrastructure at the school is the best in the entire region.

Our well-organised sports infrastructure consists of huge lush green grounds, greatly-maintained professional courts, a large swimming pool, a full-fledged athletic track, and more spaces for other big and small sports activities. Most playable and recognised sports at Alpine include football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis and badminton.

Our students have competed on State and National levels in numerous sports, and have won uncountable trophies, medals, and awards. We are proud of our students’ achievements and our coaches continually strive to encourage more of the students to take sports as seriously as they take their academic performances.


At Alpine Convent School, knowledge is not confined to just the pages of the books or even sports. Students can participate in various complementary extracurricular activities as well such as; theatre, poetry recitation, public speaking, debating, art & craft, and even more. Participating in such activities helps students gain valuable skills that help them in many fundamental aspects of their lives and instil a solid sense of art in them.


The school also has a separate yoga and aerobics studio with professional yoga instructors. The weekly yoga and aerobics classes help students in keeping their bodies fit, flexible and away from any diseases. The professional yoga and aerobics coaches help students work on their flexibility, following a routine program. Engaging in such physical activities from a young age helps the students develop a healthy relationship with their bodies. Students who are not initially interested in sports are continuously motivated by our faculties to bring sports and physical activities into their lives.


To help students gain a competitive edge over their peers, we, at Alpine, teach them various skills through activity-based teaching. With routine class presentations, exhibitions, and more, the students at Alpine Convent School are exposed to platforms where they have to come forward and express their innate skills. With the teachers ready at their disposal to assist them and teach them the key values of team-working and leadership decision making that boost their self-confidence tremendously.

Designed to help students sustain exemplary standards in formal academic and extracurriculars, the curriculum at Alpine Convent School promises quality education through the right blend of the tools, facility, faculty and infrastructure. We aim for the all-around development of a child and encourage their participation in both non-academic and academic activities.


At the best convent school in Gurugram, the Alpine Convent School, we are very cautious and dedicated to ensuring that your ward remains in a safe environment under the surveillance of high-tech meticulous security installed throughout the campus. The school has put various safety mechanisms in place with the help of security experts. To improve visibility, we have IP cameras that the parents can access anytime to get a real-time view of the classrooms. Alongside, highly attentive security guards are present everywhere on the school campus. Fire alarms and other disaster management systems are always in place to keep students safe in the case of any man-made or natural disasters. In case of any medical emergency, doctors, nurses and medical aids are always available on the campus 24×7.


We are a digitally-equipped institution with Smart Boards and computers placed all around the campus. We believe in leaving no scope for digital illiteracy for our students in today’s highly digital era. Certainly, 21st-Century education can not be attained without introducing the students to digital learning.


Location: Behind Jalvayu Towers, Block B, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Phone : +91- 9999700157, 09999700160

Email : [email protected]

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