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Alpine Convent School was established in 1996 under the able guidance of a conscientious and meticulous team of educators, with a vision to impart quality education to the students and nurture their innate capacities and potentials in a learning environment suitable for physical,mental, moral and spiritual growth. Over the years, the school has surpassed many milestones and established itself as a quality institution through ceaseless striving in all spheres of school life. With over thousands of students on its rolls along with a caring and dedicated team of teachers and staff, the school has kindled the flame hidden in every child to transform them into the torchbearers of tomorrow.

We believe in the best of both worlds - a global standard of pedagogy coupled with Indian values, providing personalized learning to children to learn and grow at their own pace. At Alpine, a teacher is only a facilitator, a coach and a mentor committed to ensuring student’s success while children learn by doing hands-on activities. At Alpine we follow the CBSE Curriculum while the assessments are in the form of formative and summative assessments as per the CBSE protocols. Assessments include written and oral tests, coursework and practical assessments. We also have Cambridge affiliation for the students who want to opt for only International Curriculum. School curriculum is designed in a way that learners get an international exposure while keeping the Indian core values intact.

We follow an interdisciplinary thematic approach and connect concepts with real life. The syllabi are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance. They have been created specifically for Alpinites to make them learn the international values of sustainable development which is the future of the world. We focus on creating a finely crafted curricular program that is continually and progressively evolving. The complete curriculum is drafted keeping in mind the individual pacing and differentiation, and the curricular and co curricular activities are planned at the beginning of a new session to ensure efficient learning.

Every topic is prepared as a lesson plan with hands-on activities, graphic organizers, worksheets and question banks for assessing different skills like cognitive, problem solving, numeracy or HOTS (higher order thinking skills). The best part about school life is the exploration through rooms while you flip through the pages of textbooks. There’s time to chat with friends, share unimaginable animated and imaginary stories, laugh at each other and brag about the all new achievements and awards. Not just this, our students also get the time to explore all those little things that make them special and unique. While in some schools children are busy finishing their snacks before the bell, at Alpine students discuss their dreams and ambitions in comfortable and spacious rooms at each floor. We welcome you to take a peek into the school through our website and virtual tour.

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quoteEducation is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom. quote

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