Choosing the right school for your child amidst the pandemic

Choosing the right school for your child amidst the pandemic

17 January, 2024

Choosing the right school is indeed a stressful and difficult task as his/her future would depend on it. Currently, amidst the pandemic, it has become even harder. Now parents also need to check out the online educational facilities and safety measures implemented by the schools. However, once you shortlist the best convent school in Gurugram based on the necessary aspects, it would become much easier. Here are some of the features that you might want to check out:


When choosing the right school, the track record of a school is the first and foremost factor you should consider. Once you start considering a school as an option, you may check out testimonials and reviews online. In case if you know someone, whose children have studied in that school, you may also ask for their personal opinions. Checking the academic records of a school is a great way to get an idea of how good it would be for your child’s education.

Online classes

Due to the pandemic, online classes have gained immense importance. You might want to make sure that the school you choose for your children offers the online classes on a regular basis through suitable platforms. Some of the leading schools also provide various study materials through online means. Google Classroom, for instance, has become a popular medium for the teachers to upload notes and the students to access them.


As acknowledged by many famous educationalists, children become much stronger in the academics when they get to participate in extra-curricular activities that boost creativity. This is why certain schools come with features like robotics labs, pottery centres and other amenities that allow the children to build something new. This is because these CBSE schools in Gurgaon aim to nurture the children with practical knowledge. This way, the students learn to innovate and come up with something new using their creative skills.

Social distancing

With the lockdown in the process of being lifted in various places, it is definitely advised to get your child admitted to school which would implement all the necessary social distancing techniques. The school must have strict rules regarding wearing masks and maintaining safe distances. There should be adequate infrastructure for the regular sanitisation of the premises as well. Most importantly, the class sizes shouldn’t be higher than twenty students per class. This is applicable for online classes too, as it also allows the teachers to provide adequate care to each individual student.

Despite the fact that right now classes are mostly being held online, one should keep in mind that eventually normalcy would return and schools would start to function as they used to. Hence, it is necessary to pick a school that would be able to provide all the necessary facilities once it begins functioning in the regular manner.

Sports activities

Physical education and sports form a part of the curriculum of most schools, as they are an integral part of the all-round development of the children that’s why choosing the right school is crucial. However, the leading schools emphasize greatly on sports facilities and offer amenities like shooting range, football court, volleyball court, basketball court, etc. Gymnasium and yoga help the students stay healthy and fit, while classes for martial arts like taekwondo train them in self-defence techniques. When a school offers all these facilities, you may stay assured that they seek to help the children develop themselves in a holistic manner. It also makes the learning process much more fun and allows the children to make friends.

Safety features

Whenever children are concerned, safety features while choosing the right school becomes a priority. The modern schools come with facilities like digital visitor management system and RFID access control to keep unauthorised visitors in check. CCTV surveillance across the campus makes sure that the administration would be able to keep an eye on everything that goes on in the school. If you plan to opt for the school bus services for your child, you should look for a school that comes with GPS enabled transport and relevant apps to track the buses. All these would ensure the safety of your child atschool while travelling.

Other than these, the overall academic infrastructure of the school must be good enough. The top 10 schools in Gurgaon come with all the necessary labs for the relevant subjects, thus allowing the students to get a hand-on experience. The leading schools like Alpine Convent School also own well-developed web-portals where you may check out the facilities and enquire as necessary. Despite the pandemic, choosing the right school would be relatively easy if you know what exactly to look for and make use of the online resources.