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Best CBSE School in Gurgaon Sector 67 | Top CBSE School Gurgaon

Alpine Convent School is considered the best CBSE school in Gurgaon Sector 67 and the favourite choice of parents and students. It is a well-equipped modern and technologically advanced educational facility where our faculty support children on their journey to not just become literate but educated, not just intelligent but smart, and not just well-behaved but well-natured. Being the best CBSE school in Gurgaon Sector 67, Alpine Convent School provides impeccable education, using world-class teaching methods of the highest standards.

Since its inception in the year 1996, Alpine Convent School has been continuously delivering a high-quality education that is unsurpassable by the Rest Of The Educational Institutions In The Region, and that’s why it is considered one of the best schools in Sector 67. We have touched the lives of thousands of students, mentoring them to become their best versions in life not just in the academic field but also in different aspects of their lives. Today, our proud alumni are leading and working at some of the top-notch organizations around the world. At Alpine, we are dedicated to providing progressive education, and every day, we are striving to work in that direction.

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At the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, the Alpine Convent School, our philosophy reflects in the everyday activities at school. We believe in striving to provide nothing but the best to our students – be it education, infrastructure, moral support, or a helping hand during exam worries. We also believe in motivating our students to help others and learn from other students as well. We believe in breaking conventions and have emerged as a leader in modern education, to serve the interests of the children who live in this ever-changing modern world. Being progressive in our approach enables us to shape and foster students who will become future visionaries and leaders with humble hearts, and solid ambition.

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The teaching methodology of the school is a big determinant of the value it provides to the students. At Alpine Convent School,whichis the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, we provide world-class education using modern pedagogy centred on helping the students by grasping fundamental concepts with the help of interactive learning. Alpine Convent School is known for its trademark personalized approach to teaching, and the same reflects in the school’s Sector 67, Gurugram branch. Following some of the best strategies devised by some of the brightest minds in world institutions, we have come up with a mode of teaching that fits perfectly for the students of this new age. Some of the focus points of the teaching methodology that we follow at Alpine Convent School include:

  • Personalization in learning as every child is not the same
  • Interactive Learning using advanced technology
  • Activity-Based teaching for more enjoyable learning
  • Balancing Academics with Co-Scholastic Events to the overall growth


Alpine Convent School, Sector-67, Gurgaon has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, built to make academic and extracurricular learning full of fun and insightsfor the students. Alpine Convent School’s core belief is to maintain and deliver a fine balance between learning and play. We understand students’ behaviours and at this age, we like to do something only if we love to do it. All the facilities at the massive campus of the school are carefully designed according to the interest of every student.We have a range of amenities put in place to cater to students’ diverse interests.

Highly experienced and immensely qualified faculty and sports coaches at Alpine motivate and push students to evolve interests in academics, extracurricular activities and various sports played on the campus.

Here are some of the facilities at Alpine Convent School that your ward will be encountering to:


The school has a massive and new-age infrastructure, recognised as one of the best in the entire National Capital Region. It consists of lush green grounds for sports like football, cricket, professional courts for basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, and a full-fledged athletic track for making future Olympians.


Any school without a library is like a brain without an intellect. The library at Alpine Convent School has a massive collection of books in every genre of writing. We encourage our students to take up the art of reading from a young age by dedicating a few hours every week to library reading. The habit of reading is what solidifies learning, and an interest in academics. So, we ensure that our students are spending the time that they need with the best books every day.


Sports are all about perfect coordination of mind and body. But those who have more interest in having a great body without sweating on open grounds, prefer to take yoga and aerobics to have that mind-body coordination. A well-designed yoga and aerobics studio at Alpine Convent School help students to have a sharp mind and a healthy body as instructed byour super-experienced and well-practisedyoga and aerobics teachers.


An efficient study syllabus with a simple study method, best study tools, detailed and understandable notes, technology integration, mind-sharpening quizzes, sports excellenceand qualitative examinations to make students ready to perform well in the world is smart education for us. At Alpine Convent School, we blend the right education with highly advanced technology and super-capable faulty to provide smart education to every student.


Students’ safety is a no-compromise area at Alpine Convent School. The school has safety and security mechanisms put in place by experts to ensure that the school stays a safe zone for the kids. IP cameras that have all-time parental access enable parents to have real-time information abouttheir kids.The school stays completely transparent about safety with the parents and monitors every nook and corner of the campus and its surroundings. There are alert security guards everywhere on the school premises along with fire management and other disaster management systems in place.


Location: BESTECH PARK VIEW SPA NEXT, SECTOR 67 Gurugram, Haryana, 122001

Phone : +91- 9999700157, 9999700467

Email : [email protected]

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