Music & Theatre Lessons

    The study of music is a time-honored tradition of art passed from seasoned artist to student. At Alpine you will learn to interpret music of any period to nurture it, refine it, give it life, and make it your own.

    We strive to cultivate and nurture a community that believes in the power of music and theater to express oneself, to improve and empower the lives of others, and to promote a culture of empathy in the world around us through our students in Alpine.

    Our students learn that the pursuit of life as both artist and citizen is the necessary foundation upon which an impactful career is built. Alpine creates countless pathways for students to explore, but it is the calling of their artistry as performers and creators that compels them to embark on the journey.

    The Alpine Music and Theatre Club strives to use theatre to enhance teacher practice and deepen student learning. We are dedicated to using our resources to accomplish the following educational objectives: ?

  • TRANSFORM the classrooms by creating learning opportunities across all disciplines through the exploration of theatre and by collaborating with teachers and teaching artists to infuse theatrical teaching strategies into our curriculum.
  • ENGAGE students in theatre experiences that explore the universal themes of the human condition and develop their ability to think critically about the plays they attend.
  • BUILD a community of confident, expressive young people who, in producing classic and original plays, are committed to and responsible for their own learning.
  • FOSTER a new generation of artists and arts administrators by providing workshops, training and a varied range of opportunities to students through events, programs, in school and inter school competitions.
  • EXPAND the creative ability of a child and channelise their thoughts into a positive and impactful medium to raise social awareness. Children are also encouraged to team up to perform in a group, orchestra, band, choir as well as solo.
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Programs Offered

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Indian Classical (Vocal and Instrumental)

Alpine offers children a platform to explore the traditional music of our culturally rich country. Besides offering saxophone and harmonium classes, the other instruments such as Tabla, Congo, Pakhawaj, Tanpura etc. are taught here.

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Western Music (Vocal and Instrumental)

Alpine provides the highest quality instruction by an outstanding faculty in all orchestral instruments, piano and organ, guitar, violin, ukulele and collaborative piano.

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This is a place in Alpine where all of us are free to aspire and work towards becoming our best selves, as artists and as people, a diverse and inclusive place where even uncomfortable conversations can be had without fear, a place where the bar is high and there is a path to reach it through hard work, creative opportunity, and faculty guidance and mentorship. We, as a community, work every day to help our children step into the shoes of various characters so that they can truly depict their role with empathy, compassion, skill and talent.


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