Helping Student To Become More Socially Inclusive Post-Covid

Helping Student To Become More Socially Inclusive Post-Covid

02 February, 2024

Covid-19 has been disastrous for young scholars. Do you agree? Sadly, students are less confident than ever, less interactive, and dubious about their self-worth. Although digital pedagogy has been functioning in full swing ever since the pandemic hit, kicking off an inclusive and holistic education approach has never been more necessary. Alpine Convent School, also well-known as the best convent school in Gurugram, welcomes students into an all-encompassing environment. The school envisions to stand out as an inclusive institution embracing students of all abilities and backgrounds. 

Are all schools inclusive? 

A big ‘NO.’ Inclusive schools are institutions where educational barriers do not exist. Students are mentored in general classrooms, taught in a universal learning module, and groomed with the same beliefs and values. Alpine Convent is a top CBSE school in Gurgaon that is committed to inclusion and student well-being. 

It is no secret that the pandemic has been hard on young minds. At Alpine, all efforts and strategies are student-oriented. Teachers here are dedicated to educating students about inclusion and the ethical significance of both, formal and informal school settings, right from classroom etiquette to playtime, school bus do’s and don’ts, etc. 

How to make students socially inclusive? 

Alpine Convent School tops the list of the best schools in Gurgaon, and certainly for all the right reasons. Here, students, teachers, and administrators participate in ongoing engagement and interaction to help students feel inclusive at all times. Scholars must be motivated to engage in meaningful contributions. Let’s read a few handy tips: 

1. Pair the scholars in groups – Did you know that group activities or teamwork foster confidence in students? Children learn to communicate, share ideas, collaborate and create strategies together. What could be possibly more inclusive than pooling students in teams? 

Of course, teachers can always pitch in a few guidelines or suggest a certain group behaviour before putting children in teams. 

2. Frequently redo the seating plan – Schools must switch up seating plans every now and then. Getting too comfortable with a certain someone limits a student’s scope of socializing. Changing the seating arrangement enable children to mingle with other students. Besides, a fresh change in scenery does good, right? 

3. Practice socially inclusive language – Language plays a key role in schools and institutions. It is the foundation of respect and discipline. At Alpine, the best international school in Gurugram, both students and staff are expected to maintain an atmosphere of respect. Schools must train students to use appropriate language at all times. This nurtures good behavior in young ones. 

4. Figure out ways to bring a child’s strength and interests into the limelight – Every student has the skills and smarts to excel at the things they like. Teachers must motivate students to share their favorites and interests. Besides, celebrating every little success or academic achievement boosts confidence in the young one. Schools should allow children to showcase their skills and talent without any hesitation. 

5. Create a space for students to mingle and interact – The best schools in Gurgaon, including Alpine Convent, creates a room for children to hang out, share ideas, read together, and simply socialize. Spaces like such work as a breather, allowing scholars to indulge in hearty conversations with peers. 

6. Plan recess and breaks – Students mostly enjoy recess, right? However, without a structured recess, students might also feel lost, lonely, and awkward. Schools must always fix upon a specific time for breaks. Keep the play areas accessible to students. 

Inclusivity is not subjective. Instead, it is a shared responsibility implying that mentors, staff, and everyone in between are responsible for the well-being of students. Alpine Convent, an top school in Gurugram, ensures that education here is least restrictive. We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive enriching ambiance that enables students to interact, make friends, and indulge in a cohesive learning experience.