Innovative And Popular Teaching Methods Used In Preschool

Innovative And Popular Teaching Methods Used In Preschool

22 May, 2022

Have you been contemplating enrolling your little one in a fine preschool? Great! Are you eager to find out the best playschool in Gurgaon? Head over to Alpine Convent School. One of the greatest international schools in the millennium city, Alpine Convent is best known for mentoring young learners into confident and independent grown-ups with ace leadership skills. From preschoolers to young scholars, the school imparts a holistic international-standard pedagogy. Speaking of preschoolers, it is no secret that the earliest years of education are not often looked upon as essential or critical. Don’t you agree? Well, little did you know that the first five years of a scholar’s life are pivotal for development. Besides, early learning, often reckoned as a child’s play, strengthens a child’s foundation, helps little ones adjust to life in the classroom, and nurtures young minds to transition into adulthood without hassle. 

So, are you ready to find out how an international school in Gurgaon nurtures and educates preschoolers? To begin with, it is worth understanding that a good preschool experience is crucial to make or break a child’s mindset. It is the very first place where kids venture out of their comfort zones and their cosy cocoons. Hence, guiding young minds in the right direction is the only obvious. What’s more, personalising education or mentoring is important. Wondering why? It is a no-brainer that every child is different, with distinct talents and varying measures of adaptability. Therefore, attending to the young guns, enhancing their strength, and encouraging the kids to figure out and work on their weaknesses is a significant part of a worthy early learning experience.

What are the various teaching methods in preschools?

Have you been scrolling ‘the best preschools near me’ for a little too long? Muddled with the zillion options that pop up on your screen? Selecting the right preschool for your toddler is certainly not a cakewalk. However, one of the foremost things to keep in mind when choosing a preschool for your kid is the kind of learning method implemented in the institution. Preschool educational methods are definitely not just about textbooks and scholarly learning techniques. The best playschool in Gurgaon or Alpine Convent School, employs a mix of various innovative education methods to train and mentor kids. Some of the promising education techniques include: 

1. Reggio Emilia Method

Simply put, self-directed learning is at the core of this educational approach. Since kids, especially in their early years, are curious and active learners, encouraging children to discover their surroundings works wonders. It sparks creativity in young kids, inspires getting a clear and better picture of the world around them, stimulates curiosity in little ones, makes them feel happy socialising, and eventually motivates kids to carve a space of their own. 

2. The Play Way Method 

A no-brainer here. The educational approach relies on plays and fun activities to teach, mentor, and brush motor skills of young children. Aren’t you already aware that children are the happiest when they are playing? Teachers in good preschools use play as an important tool to groom and educate children. Of course, introducing the little ones to innovative games and blending them with basic learning work like magic. For example, certain games motivate kids to learn new alphabets, colours, numbers, and more. What’s more, the educational approach is rarely boring and keeps children engrossed for a long time. 

3. The Waldorf Method 

Did you always picture academics as the front and centre of a child’s educational journey? Frankly, a well-rounded student is not always an academic genius but a creative, independent, and disciplined scholar with the ability to relate to their surroundings better. A Waldorf education method prioritises combining academics with various other disciplines, such as art, physical grooming, music, storytelling and activities. The approach is often described as a method to spark imaginative abilities in kids. Also, textual inferences and reading are introduced at a much later stage in the Waldorf style of learning. 

4. The Bank Street Method 

Offering a supportive educational environment is critical to help a child grow. The Bank Street method, although underrated, is one of the most effective educational styles to mentor scholars into intelligent and creative students. It is quite similar to a play way method. However, the educational module includes a very different nature of activities. For example, the approach inspires kids to work on puzzles, building blocks, making figures out of clay, and more. Little do you realise that these activities bring out the imaginative and logistic skills in a child. 

5. The Montessori Method

Have you heard of Maria Montessori? A physician by profession and one of the first pioneers of modern learning, the educational method targets the cumulative development of young minds. It prioritises nurturing the social and cognitive skills of students via sensory learning. What’s more, the multifaceted learning experience encourages children to learn from their experiences. 
A top school in Gurugram implements the learning modules, as mentioned above, to strengthen the foundation of education and development in children.