Considerations When Changing Your Child's School

Considerations When Changing Your Child's School

17 January, 2024

Planning to change your child’s school? Well, you must first understand that this step will come hard at them at the beginning, specifically when they have got friends and bonds in the school. Changing schools could be due to any reason, including moving house, neighborhoods falling into a different school zone, or maybe you are not satisfied with the socialization or the academics part of your child’s current school. 

Irrespective of the reason, it is crucial to put a bit of thought into such a decision. After all, changing schools is a major transition for children. Even though the decision could result in one of the best decisions you made for your child, such a change has proven to be really stressful. 

Everyone wants their child to study in the top school in Gurgaon, but how can it be ensured that you are making the right decision when it comes to your child’s education? We have gathered the five most important considerations to take into account while planning to switch your child’s school. 

Read the entire blog to ensure that you are making the best decision possible and to reduce the stress and anxiety your child might experience throughout the transition. 

Top 5 Things to Consider While Changing Your Child’s School 

Strength of the Classroom

The overall strength of the class is important to note especially when it comes to determining the learning outcome. This is critical for students who are slower at learning. When the rest of the class is able to keep up with the pace, even the teachers do not pay much attention to the students who require additional support and focus. 

Quality of Education 

Different schools have different levels of rigor pertaining to extracurricular activities and academic curricula. Enquire whether the new school encourages its students to question more, be competitive, and excel. The level of importance the new school gives to art, sports, and other parallel subjects. Look into the factors that monitor the progress throughout the year. 

Alpine Convent School, being the best school in Gurgaon, lays an emphasis on providing quality education to its students. 

Better Opportunities

Not all schools are created equal, and there are certain schools that will provide a better level of education or enhanced opportunities for their students. You will easily see how one school could provide better and more distinct opportunities than others. 

Educational Board 

One of the most essential aspects of changing the primary school of your child that requires to be looked into is the educational board affiliation. There are numerous boards, such as the state board, ICSE, CBSE, CIE, IB, NIOS, etc. All these boards have different approaches to focus, education, ease of learning, and curriculum flexibility. 

You must enroll your child in a school that is affiliated with a board that is well-suited to the capacity of your child to learn. Alpine Convent School is the international school in gurgaon that is affiliated with CBSE. 

Visit the School 

You can plan an informal meeting with the teachers and principal of the school while on a tour of the school. Review the classroom sizes, extracurricular activities, and discipline principles of the school. 

Summing Up

Switching schools is hard in any situation, and if you are planning a shift in the midterm, then it is even more challenging. Try starting the transfer much before you move to the new place, as that way, your child will have a smooth transition. Meet other students to find those who have got similar interests as your child and would get along with them. Get acquainted with their parents and talk to them to get a feel of how things progress in the school. 

Alpine Convent School will serve as the best destination for your child to go, grow, and learn. The faculty here will ensure encouraging your child to make new friends so that he/she can feel connected with one of the friends in the school. We are here to smoothen out the transition of your child and give him/her the best environment to grow. 

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