Which Schools In Gurugram Offer The Best Value In Education?

Which Schools In Gurugram Offer The Best Value In Education?

17 January, 2024

Are you contemplating enrolling your little one in an international schools in Gurugram? A great decision, truly! International schools offer structured and comprehensive curriculums that ensure a bright and flourishing future for children. Hence, if you are looking forward to strengthening your child’s abilities, knowledge, and mindset, narrowing down the top international and best convent schools in Gurgaon is a good idea. 

The perks of joining international schools are quite few. Do you wish to learn about a few? Let’s keep reading: 

1. A leading-edge curriculum and environment

International schools offer high-quality academic curricula and standards set by the foreign education boards like Cambridge, etc. The academic routines aim to expand knowledge in students, build skills and communication abilities in young scholars, and shape a strong and confident personality in kids. Hence, if you wish to watch your child thrive as an independent, self-reliant, and creative grown-up, enrol the young gun in the top school in Haryana

2. Extracurricular activities are just as important as education modules 

Contrary to what we know, education is best perceived when a child is equally engaged in extracurricular activities like sports, drama, recitation, and more. Little do you know that implementing regular activities ingrains a sense of discipline in young scholars. Besides, activities also spark curiosity, skills, and socialising abilities in children. In short, extracurricular activities encourage a child’s knowledge and imbibing abilities. 

3. Innovative and experiential approaches 

The pedagogy and curriculum followed in international schools ascertain the best possible and enriching academic programs for students. Instead of following a conventional and theory-based learning module, international schools in Gurugram use innovative and activity-based education modules. It keeps children’s interest in fleek and benefits young scholars with exceptional and experiential learning. 

Which are the top international schools in Gurugram? 

A detailed insight into the perks of international schools has convinced you to delve deep and search for the best schools in Gurugram, right? Well, it is certainly a big and time-consuming decision. Figuring out the best international schools and institutions is quite easy. You can search the web or list down names, as per word of mouth. If you are still muddled, check out the list of the top schools in Gurgaon. 

1. Alpine Convent School

A popular school in the heart of Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School offers the best-in-class pedagogy to mentor students. The school combines strong academics with extracurricular activities to instil skills, confidence, and robust personality traits in kids. It is one of the largest schools in the millennium city, featuring modish classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, racing tracks, a skating rink, auditoriums, yoga rooms, and ample other features. Moreover, every child here is exposed to the best of experiential and personalised learning for a strong and flourishing career. Alpine Convent School is easily the top school in Haryana

2. Lancers International School 

Next on the list of the best schools in Gurugram is Lancers International School. The institution has been in the circles for over 35 years. The expansive school offers academic excellence and unparalleled culture to nurture and mentor young scholars. What’s more, Lancers stands out as an IB World school hosting over 45 different nationalities under one roof. 

3. Heritage International Xperiential School

An international school that offers a competitive blend of state-of-the-art international curriculum and experiential learning to ingrain academic excellence in scholars. The campus boasts a lush green ambience which is quite a miss in modern schools. In addition to the environmental-friendly aesthetics, the learning space equips scholars with strong academic modules and extracurricular activities. Little do you know that activities step up confidence, independence, and self-assurance in growing kids.

4. Pathways School 

The beautiful school campus, located on Gurgaon-Faridabad road, Pathways School, features world-class academic infrastructure, class-apart sporting facilities, and state-of-the-art technology to provide students with nothing but the best. In short, the school implements information communication technology with traditional classroom learning to equip students with the best possible academics. Moreover, the school has acquired a ‘LEED-EB Platinum’ rating from the prestigious United States Green Building Council for showcasing an incredible blend of energy and environmental design. 

5. G.D Goenka High School 

Speaking of the best schools in Gurugram, G.D. Goenka High School is a top name on the list. The co-educational residential schools offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and a future-driven academic curriculum to prepare scholars for a competitive future. In addition to academics, the school boasts a fully air-conditioned campus, meticulously maintained lawns and playing fields, impressive sports facilities, AV-equipped classrooms, high-tech laboratories, and more. 
Picking out the top school in Haryana is a lot easy now. The above-mentioned list reveals the best schools that offer students a holistic curriculum and an international-standard pedagogy. Now sit back and discover more about the schools mentioned to choose the best one for your ward.