Things To Consider Before Changing Schools For Your Child

Things To Consider Before Changing Schools For Your Child

17 January, 2024

Proper education is a fundamental right for scholars. If it is not the best, it hardly matters. Are you on the fence, trying to decide if changing your child’s school for the upcoming academic session is worthwhile? Well, if the institution fails to offer an environment not very conducive to a child’s learning, changing schools is only right. Is your ward having a tough time dealing with inflexible study plans? From behavioural issues and academic challenges to the odds of being subjected to bullying, ample reasons influence a parent’s decision. It is no secret that such choices are critical and cannot be wrapped up in haste. A new school implies a unique learning environment and new faces. Of course, kids have a hard time adjusting to a new routine. Hence, it is imperative to consider a few crucial things before changing schools for your young scholar. Wondering what? Let’s read: 

Things to recognise before swapping schools

1. The quality of academics

Are you worried about your child’s career? Not sure if the education standards of the current institution are any good? Do remember that every scholar is unique. Hence, all kids might not conform well to a standard academic module. If the educational concepts and practices are not fitting for your child’s academic growth or personality development, changing the little one’s school is a good idea. 

Looking to enrol your enthusiastic scholar in an international school in Gurugram? Drop in at Alpine Convent School. The school offers world-class pedagogy and personalised mentoring for young minds. What’s not amiss is the sprawling campus with top-notch amenities and best-in-class infrastructure, rewarding students with a holistic educational experience. 

2. Is the school a proper fit? 

Are you swapping schools only because the latter has a good brand name? A popular or eminent institution does not imply that the school is the right fit for your child. Ensure that the academics and curriculum are enough to cater to the needs and beliefs of the scholar. In short, choosing a school that helps scholars thrive and develop well-rounded personalities is essential. 

3. The location of the school

Long hours of travelling are undoubtedly tiring for students. It drains their energy and is psychologically exhausting too. When choosing a school for your young and enthusiastic scholar, keep the distance and commute in mind. 

Are you wondering if there are good schools in Gurgaon? Alpine Convent, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, is a top pick among all ambitious parents in the smart city. The school is spanned across four branches throughout the city, ensuring that the commute is easy and seamless for the kids. 

4. The infrastructure and facilities in the school

Always visit a new school campus before you call the shots. Don’t you wish to be sure of a school before sending in a young kid? Drop by in person and check the amenities offered, the institution’s infrastructure, safety measures practised in schools, and hygiene. Of course, learning about the ins and outs of a school on your first visit is almost impossible. However, communicating with teachers and management staff helps you understand the school better. 

5. A far-sighted curriculum 

Bookish knowledge and academics are not enough to prepare students for a competitive world. Gone are the days when textbooks and notes summed up the entirety of the educational process. Although a school’s curriculum should primarily focus on academics and new learnings, activities that promote cognitive skills, communications skills, and personality development in young scholars are imperative. Hence, co-curricular activities are just as quintessential. Schools with the necessary infrastructure, encouraging students to participate in sports, recreation, drama, athletics, and more, refine students’ well-rounded personalities and intellect. 

6. Leading safety measures 

It is not unknown that a child spends substantial hours of a day in school. As a parent, it is crucial to look into the safety and security measures put in place within the campus. A safe space allows students to explore, learn, and thrive without restrictions. Hence, keeping tabs on a few security aspects is worthwhile. For example: 

  • Is the campus adequately equipped with security systems? 
  • Are children monitored and mentored under the guidance of safe and experienced hands? 

Safety in institutions is a priority. Alpine Convent, a top school in Gurgaon, ensures that all kids are under close watch at all times, not just within the premises but when travelling via school buses. Besides a robust curriculum, the advanced safety features make Alpine Convent even more special. For example, panic buttons are set up to kick off emergency responses, CCTV surveillance throughout the school, GPS-enabled transport system to monitor the bus movement, and barton door blockers that ensure that a child’s fingers are safe and protected. 

7. Parental suggestions 

Are you familiar with a student of the school you are eager to enrol your child in? Interacting with the parent of the student is a good idea. Parental references stand out as a traditional and widely used practice. Feel free to ask questions and resolve concerns that might influence your decision to go forward with the admission process. If references are hard to get, you can always ask the dean to help you with a few references. 

Brood over the factors mentioned above before deciding on a school for your little one. Always remember that a school that excels at academics, offers the best supporting curriculum to train young students, and ensures a safe haven for scholars to grow and thrive is perfect. 

Are CBSE schools a good idea for students? 

If you are considering altering your child’s school, enrolling the scholar in a CBSE board is a wise idea. The centralised education board offers a comprehensive academic module for students across all states. So, if you have a transferable job, CBSE is undeniably the best fit for your child. Wondering if there’s a good school in Gurgaon? Try Alpine Convent School, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon. It offers a pedagogy that nurtures the innate skills and abilities of scholars. Introduce your child to the world of personalised learning, quality education, and a holistic intelligence learning centre only at Alpine Convent.