The Key to Unlocking Creativity With Problem Based Learning

The Key to Unlocking Creativity With Problem Based Learning

17 January, 2024

Children are born creative, and as we are evolving, we are seeing that the natural talent required for the survival of our species is growing too. The major reason behind that is the fact that the industrial revolution is bringing transformation to societies and schools. However, this has led to a situation where students are being treated the same in the school and are expected to do the same tasks with the same efficiency. 

This has paved the way where creative thinking and deeper understanding are being trumped by rote memory. The best schools are the ones that understand that the old methods of teaching are not going to prepare our children for the future. It goes without saying that the innate creativity and curiosity in children must be encouraged to surge from the earliest age. 

If you want the best educational standards for your children, then you must enroll your child in one of the best schools in Gurgaon sector 10, Alpine Convent School. The school follows a structure that puts students at the center of the classroom, asking them questions that are open-ended and allowing them to raise their questions, share their opinions, and express their ideas, and embracing failure as just another learning opportunity. 

Learning More About Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is something that presents students with an interesting challenge or question with real-life application. These questions are in accordance with the age of the students and are linked to expected learning outcomes. At one of the top schools in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School, the faculty are coaches and mentors who assist students in identifying what they know and what they require to know to address the question. 

Students are required to apply learning from a variety of subjects in their solutions. In this kind of learning, students learn to manage their own learning, and in this scenario, the topics are more relevant and meaningful, which really engages them in finding solutions. They have got strategies for approaching solutions and how they present their findings. 

The faculty at Alpine Convent School is aimed at making students problem solvers from day one, and over the course of their schooling, they become highly proficient in problem-solving and creative thinking. 

Why Problem-Based Learning is Important 

We need not mention the fact that creativity is a skill that is the most sought after by employers, and additionally, creativity is required for our future generations of entrepreneurs. When your children are creative and innovative, it gives an advantage to them in an ever-changing marketplace. A lot of schools are ignoring the creativity factor, and it is being subdued. 

Being the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School prepares students to face issues, problems, and challenges. Here, the faculty is aimed at applying the methods and strategies that they are aware of, researching what they are not aware of, and coming up with a solution that can make sense for all of us.

What’s better than being able to solve problems effectively, given the fact that you have been experiencing it all throughout your schooling? Well, it would have already prepared you for most of the challenges and problems in your life. It is a progressive school and will actively solicit divergent thinking, leading with the hope that its students are going to be far more creative than the previous generations. 

The Role of EdTech

Given the fact that the students in today’s classrooms face an ever-changing world, it is essential to equip them with the skills required to deal with rapid change and unexpected circumstances. Creativity is one of the crucial skills and has been receiving increased focus in the classroom and school curriculum. 

With the growth in the utilization of digital tools, educators have been paying close attention to the requirement for using emerging technologies to adequately extend support to creativity improvement. 

There have been numerous studies that suggest emerging technologies do have a positive impact on the creativity of students effectively, specifically in interactive learning environments. 

What are you waiting for? Get your child enrolled in one of the best schools in Gurgaon Sector 10.