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Alpine Convent School receives its accolades for being all that other educational institutions are not. It is one of the best schools in Gurgaon, offering an expansive infrastructure that is fitted with the best of amenities for your ward to flourish in. A notable feature of the school is its sports infrastructure, which stands out for its excellence in the entire NCR region. Be it academics, sports, or extracurriculars – Alpine Convent School is where your young ones can give life to their ambitions!

About Our School

Founded in the year 1996, Alpine Convent School which is one of the best schools in Gurgaon was established to break through the regressive teaching norms and introduce a new way of teaching; to impart excellence in education. Since its inception, the mission of the school has been to be the pioneer in providing premium education. 

In the decades that Alpine Convent School has been in existence, it has served the interests of countless parents who want their children to get an education that reflects international standards. We are also known for providing a balance in education that most other schools are not – at Alpine Convent School, your child will get premier academic and non-academic infrastructure to foster their intellect and interests. Employing 21st-century teaching methods, we, at the best school in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School, are bridging the gap that makes quality education one step closer for all students.

Alpine Convent School

Why Choose Alpine Convent

Studying at the best schools in Gurgaon such as Alpine Convent School will be a life-changing experience for your ward. At the school, we encourage our students to work in the area of their interests – whether it is academics, extracurriculars, sports, or a little bit of all. Alongside their interests, we also impart knowledge and values that will make them sharp, conscious, and responsible individuals. 

Here’s what makes Alpine Convent School distinguishable:

  • Pedagogy that Matters in the 21st Century – We’re not one of those educational institutions that bind your child and force them to gulp concepts that they cannot understand. Learning is fun and personalized at Alpine so that every child – no matter what their learning capability, can get the education that they deserve. At Alpine, activity-based teaching complements theoretical teaching, and that’s what makes learning an interactive experience for the student. 
  • Special Focus on Co-Curricular Learning for Holistic Development – Imparting knowledge, at Alpine, is not about shoving textbooks down the students’ throats all the time. Textbook learning is valued here, but so is holistic development. We encourage our students to participate in co-curricular activities to keep them active and their minds stimulated. Childhood is the age for the development of both the conscience and the personality, and school should never be the reason why your child turns out dull. 
  • Infrastructure that Stands Out – The school’s infrastructure stands out for being all-inclusive. The school is sprawled over acres and acres of carefully planned and landscaped campus, complete with amenities for sports like cricket, football, basketball, swimming, athletics, skating, and more. There is also a yoga and aerobics studio, as well as a lawn tennis court. But sports infrastructure is not all that we’re talking about. 
  • Safety Measures for Every Child’s Well-Being – The school has a dedicated safety infrastructure, all planned out carefully to ensure that your child spends their time in a space that is a safe zone for them. The safety measures at Alpine consist of IP cameras that give live access to parents, fire detection systems, security guards at every nook and corner, and more. Being the best school in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School is the safest place for your child will grow and learn in.

Academic Excellence

With a teaching faculty that is adept in their respective fields, you can rest assured that your child will get the best education at Alpine Convent School. We have the best teachers with the highest qualifications and an inherent interest in teaching, who will personalize the learning experience for your child so that they get the attention and care that they deserve. 

Here, at Alpine, we teach the CBSE curriculum to our students using global strategies meant to make learning an interactive process for the child. Our teachers keep their lessons student-centric and encourage class participation, and discussions. We also promote learning through activities that boost the self-confidence of your ward and inculcate leadership qualities in them from a young age. 

Overlooking these aspects, what makes us the premier educational institution that provides excellence in education is our pedagogy, which is inspired by the best global schools, and leaders. Also acknowledging the importance of practical education, we introduce activity-based learning quite early on in the student’s life, through which they learn the skills that are coveted in the modern world, such as teamwork, critical thinking, and more. We personalize learning at every grade for the student so as to provide them with the support they need to learn fundamental concepts. 

Alpine Convent School Sector-10

Location: Next to CIA Police Post, Sector- 10, Gurugram, Haryana -122001

Phone :+91 9999700821

Email : [email protected]

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