Significance International Curriculum

Significance International Curriculum

07 February, 2023

Our world today is actually a Global Village and that’s the reason most issues that we face today too are not defined by geographical boundaries but highly interconnected. To be able to tackle these global social challenges, our education system should be based on a international curriculum.

While the major role of education is enabling learners with various skills, aptitudes, develop a temperament that prepare them for the current as well as future challenges and equip them to face the world with confidence.

Educators, parents, students as well as policy makers are becoming increasingly aware about the dire need to modify the educational system so that it aligns to this evolving face of globalization.

What is International Curriculum?

International Curriculum can be defined as education that focusses on offering students in depth understanding of various countries, their cultures, geography , people and history . It talks about current issues and events taking place in different corners of the world and how it is impacting the globe.  It helps students understand how various cultures are interconnected and encourages them to positively embrace this cultural diversity.

International Curriculum is about designing a curriculum that talks about the entire world and integrates various global issues to empower and prepare future scholars to tackle these issues effectively. It means students are not only made proficient in some languages, science and mathematics but are taught about various countries, their history,  culture, and how all of these societies are interconnected. 

Various skills and values are integrated within the students so that they have comprehensive and solid understanding of global issues. Famous teacher and philosopher Socrates said – “I am not just an Athenian or a Greek but I am a citizen of the world.”

Why is International Curriculum the need of the day?

The idea behind International Curriculum is developing a global society that is driven by latest communication development and technological advancements and helps shape children into progressive global citizens.

A global or international curriculum broadens the mindsets when it comes to ways of teaching, what is being taught and how to impart teaching. In today’s times, International Curriculum shares a symbiotic relationship with our cosmopolitan society. Children from various nations and cultural backgrounds exchange thoughts and values enriching and impacting each other’s’ lives in the most fruitful manner.

Using a global lens to look at life helps create successful global citizens. Such citizens embrace everyone with respect and create a healthy personal and work environment. In a International Curriculum the teachers play a crucial role in making young students understand their actions, take responsibility of their acts and gauge its impact on the community.

A International Curriculum helps prepare students who are much better prepared to face issues of the 21st century. They are confident to ask questions why something is happening, analyse the factors responsible and think of solutions. International Curriculum helps build curious, open -minded students who are well informed and capable of digging solutions out of a problem.

More and more parents today are opting for international schools in Gurgaon for their wards. The reason is not just the broad academic opportunities or competitive environment that these schools provide but the innate focus on the holistic development of every child. Youngsters who graduate from these global school’s fare well in academics, extracurriculars as well as are groomed into responsible and sensible adults with a strong personality.

Here is where the importance of global education comes into play. It helps making the kids open minded, creative, deep thinkers and most importantly, responsible individuals and citizens. The international curriculum offers students with real life challenges and helps them develop cognitive skills and find solutions to such challenges. Students learn innovative methods and also develop a thought process that is not restricted to cultural , social or national boundaries.

With a international curriculum the entire world is the stage and students get a deeper and better understanding of things in a larger perspective. They are trained to be ready to interact with the real world with utter confidence.

Working towards making of Global Citizens -

1. Making the most of Technology – Technology is the new way of life and has become mandatory in almost every domain including Education. Global education involves the best use of technology to provide children the opportunity to grow in the tech enabled classrooms.

Technology helps transform studying methodology and produces transformative methods of learning that cater to shifting mindsets and modern times.

2. Active Learning Methods – With global education in Indian educational system students now have better resources to interact with the new and diverse learning methods. It contributes towards the intellectual development of students and enables them to become global citizens.  With Global education students become more flexible, proactive, and creative, proactive with the help of various active learning methods.

 Active-Learning also impacts global citizenship by providing young minds a sense of community. It installs the qualities of humanity and compassion with students sparkling globally owing to their academics, innovative skills,  technology and overall personality.

3. Learning Techniques – Students are given a chance to learn the way they like and not one fits all method is used in Global education. The faculty interact with students to understand their strengths and inclination. The students are taught to be responsible for their work and act. Novel processes and innovative teaching methods lead to nurturing and creation of confident global citizens who are ready to face the world.

International Boards of Education In India:

  • India ranks at number two when it comes to International Schools.
  • International curriculums are offered through various international boards. Broadly Indian schools offer ‘International Baccalaureate’ and ‘Cambridge international’ curriculums for its students.
  • These curriculums educate children and empower them with lifelong skills of collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Schools may want to adopt them completely or wish to incorporate them partly within their original curriculum. Studies suggest that students who get trained under international Curriculum are more competent at higher levels as post-secondary level.


Aim of International Curriculum and Global Education –


Global education wishes to make our children a legible part of this global world community. Its ultimate aim is to make future adults more responsible towards not only their country but to the world and society in general. The dream is to develop people who are globally experienced and who with an open mind can appreciate various cultures, embrace diverse perspectives and emerge as successful global citizens.

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