New Guide - 2023 - Regular Meditation in School to Improve

New Guide - 2023 - Regular Meditation in School to Improve

10 February, 2022

before the question on meditation in school When the counsellor of a major US school was asked what is the major issue that students brought to her on a regular basis, she answered by saying “I am overwhelmed”.

In fact, Harvard has an ongoing program where the research is on to find out the most effective ways to “detoxify” modern students from “daily stress”. Unfortunately, as society evolved and expectations increased, students of the 21st-century are required to manage more things than their previous generation had to in a lifetime.

Not only are they to take their exams seriously, but they also have to excel in extracurricular activities, undertake workshops and internships, build softs skills and pick up futuristic technical knowledge. Being overwhelmed is thus a natural emotion when the expectation is to be the best in all.

Even though the constant efforts of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon are there to relieve students of some of their burdens, but children have to take on a few things on their plate to survive the 21st-century.

And if they have their sights set high, the schools will naturally aid them to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions. But the fact remains true that our children are stressed, and they do need meditation in school that will help them to slow things down on a regular basis.

That is what meditation in school does

Meditation in school is nothing but the practice of being mindful of one’s senses, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is the roadblock on the mind’s way that compels the brain to give up its habit of continuously planning for the future or basking on the past.

Through meditation in school, adults and children alike can bring back their minds to the present and now and allow the brain to rest by focusing on activities that hardly takes any effort. Experts have termed meditation as the much-required antidote to fight stress and anxiety and control other adverse mental health issues like depression and so on.

The practice must start in school

If it is accepted that modern students follow a highly stressful schedule, then meditation in school must exist in their daily routine. And when they are spending most of their day at school, that is indeed the best place to indulge in regular sessions.

When meditation exists as part of the school’s daily and weekly curriculum, students do not have the option to postpone it, something that is quite easy to do, and the indulgence brings in benefits that directly affect their overall well-being. Surveys have shown that absenteeism rates fell almost by 98% when students started meditating in school.

Engagement with education also increased as students appeared calmer and more willing to consume their subjects.

Meditation leads to an overall development

The top 10 schools in Gurgaon 2023 encourage their students to meditate regularly for a reason. Not only does it keep stress under control but also involves the following benefits.

  1. Meditation in school has a direct relation with improving attention and concentration span. Students who meditate regularly pay better attention in class and can hold on to their concentration longer.
  2. Stress and anxiety have a dimming effect on intelligence. Their absence brings out a student’s true potential. With meditation in school, students automatically starting showing an overall improvement in performance on every count.
  3. A calmer mind is also creative. This helps in building critical thinking and problem-solving skills where students find their way out a difficult situation without much hassle. They also become rational, curious and innovative in nature.
  4. Meditation in school also helps in forming positive personal habits. Unhealthy eating is a desire of a stressed mind. So is the addiction to video games, sweetened drinks, and other abusive materials. With meditation, all these can be effectively kept at bay.
  5. Lastly, meditation in school also aids in motor development. By becoming aware of the senses of the whole body, children’s physiology develops better closely complemented by physical activity. Meditation can be imagined as testing the wires regularly that connect the mind to the body.

As evident, the list is not exhaustive. There is not a single drawback of meditation. When school students only benefit from regular meditative sessions, there can really be no debate about it.

Thus, the best playschool in Gurgaon starts with meditation in school from the primary grades only and continue to maintain the habit among senior students as well. Alpine Convent School is such an institution where regular meditation is a crucial part of its curriculum.

Alpine believes in tending to the students’ mental health as well and thus includes mind refreshing activities at their proper doses. The top schools cannot become pressure cookers for the children. Even when the society has become demanding, schools cannot take away childhood. They need to equip students with healthy habits like meditation and enable them to tackle the world in an efficient manner.