Admission Policy of Schools – Why You Must Clearly Understand This?

Admission Policy of Schools – Why You Must Clearly Understand This?

17 January, 2024

Even when most schools are affiliated to a common central board, the pedagogy followed in each will always differ. Yes, a CBSE-affiliated school will follow the CBSE curriculum and teach similar subjects as other CBSE-affiliated schools but the instruction methodology, academic expectations and education benchmark will be unique among the institutions. And these may or may not match your child’s needs. Your own expectations from your child’s school may or may not be in sync. This is why it is important to understand the admission policy of the school you are targeting for your child thoroughly and then move ahead with the next steps.

Is the school’s academic vision in line with yours?

The top 5 schools in Gurugram have clear educational visions – how they want their students to be after they pass out from the institution. Now, some schools work with the vision of turning children into top performers of society, the best at everything and highly disciplined. Others hold a vision of turning students into responsible citizens of their community, performing wherever necessary but also helping others around. As a parent, you will surely have certain dreams surrounding your child. Read through the admission policy of schools and understand whose vision matches yours. A mismatch will ensue continuous conflict and will ultimately harm your child’s academic journey.

Parent involvement – how much is alright with you?

The best play schools in Gurgaon involve the parents in their child’s education to a considerable extent. Many among them hold on to the strategy and research is currently showing that children who receive active parent participation in their education fare better than the opposite group. This, again, will be clearly mentioned in the admission policy. A school that seeks to involve parents throughout the entire academic journey will engage you wholly during and after admissions. After grasping the extent of involvement expected, you need to decide if you can commit to the same. How much involvement is alright with you given your professional and personal lives? Accordingly, communicate it to the school and search for a common ground yet again.

Reduce the stress of admissions

It is stressful for parents. The uncertainty of admitting your child in one of the top schools combined with the overwhelming number of admission forms, deadlines and interviews can throw your life off and make you lose sleep. But understanding the admission policies of the schools you are applying for will help to narrow down your vision and just focus on schools that can cater to the unique academic needs of your child. Right from preparations to admissions will then become much simpler. You will know which schools to target and what are their expectations and, in turn, increase your child’s chances of getting admitted rather than dragging the little soul to every possible school and you remaining stressed throughout the entire process.

Can the student match the school’s academic benchmark?

We currently live in a society where academic genius is celebrated and proficiency in other skills is looked down upon. Thus, it often becomes difficult for Indian parents to accept that their children might be the next iconic sports figure or a celebrated musician or a renowned cook. In the bid to make their children highly educated and drive them to conventional careers, many parents lose out on the bigger picture. First, you need to identify your child’s real skills. Then, scan through the schools’ academic policies to figure out which institution can nurture your child right. A student needs to be in a school where the education benchmark is within his/her grasp and the journey does not bury his/her true calling. Schools should be facilitating students by concurrently imparting education, not change the entire thought process.

So, list the best schools in Gurgaon with fee structure and download their admission policies. Really spend time behind each brochure and understand the fine print. What you decide today will shape your child’s future and you cannot leave any room for mismatch anywhere.

The Alpine Convent School is upfront about its admission policies. It seeks to engage the parents to embrace the school’s mission and vision and recognise the academic benchmark that the school maintains within its campus. Alpine is one of those schools where education means more than just textbook knowledge. Education here encompasses skill development, thinking proficiency, empathy and unity. Alpine students become both high achievers and responsible citizens of the society and the result is achieved by employing modern instructional methods. Head over to Alpine’s admission policy and match it with your visions. Decide accordingly and apply to the Alpine Content School.