5 Things For Parents to Consider During Admission Time

5 Things For Parents to Consider During Admission Time

09 December, 2023

What drives most parents crazy is finding the ideal school for their children. This is not only applicable to young ones going to school for the first time but also to the ones who are changing schools. Particularly when it comes to choosing the best school for their kids, parents may find admissions season to be a trying and daunting time. It is important to make the right decision in a place like Gurugram where there are many educational possibilities. We'll go over five important factors for parents to think about when it comes to admission in order to help you make a decision. Is it the top CBSE school in Gurgaon or the international school?

Top 5 Factors for Parents to Regard When Selecting Schools for Their Child

Curriculum and Affiliations

A parent's first and most crucial decision is to choose the curriculum and teaching methods that best fit their child's learning preferences and objectives. Certain people prefer the CBSE or ICSE, while others want their kids to be accepted into one of Gurugram's foreign schools. Like the foreign Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International, which are widely adopted by foreign schools in Gurugram, global curricula offer a wider perspective on education. 

Conversely, the ICSE or CBSE boards are more in keeping with the Indian educational system. In addition to carefully considering their child's learning requirements and future goals, parents should do extensive study before selecting one of these options.

School’s Location

Another crucial factor in the admissions process is the institution's location. Attending a school that is conveniently located can significantly reduce your child's daily commute, and it also makes it easier for parents to drop off and pick up their children. 

Consider the proximity of the school to your home and whether or not it offers dependable and secure transportation options. An easily accessible location can lead to a more stress-free and manageable daily schedule for both parents and pupils.

Progressive Infrastructure and Amenities

A child's entire development is greatly impacted by the facilities and physical environment of a school. Parents should assess the physical aspects of the school, such as the classrooms, libraries, labs, sports facilities, and extracurricular spaces. 

Modern infrastructure that fosters comprehensive learning and development is regularly invested in by international schools in Gurugram. Along with improving the quality of the educational facility, the finest CBSE school in Gurgaon is also committed to raising standards. As you tour schools, make sure the spaces meet the standards you have established for your child's education.

Eminent Faculty and Supporting Staff

The quality of the teachers and support staff at any institution is a vital component. Look for schools with a faculty of highly qualified, dedicated educators who have a track record of providing instruction of the highest calibre. Teachers should be passionate about teaching and helping students grow in addition to possessing the necessary certifications. 

It's important to consider the resources available to assist students with a variety of learning needs. Counsellors and special educators are among these resources. A school's dedication to academic achievement can be inferred from the amount of time and energy it devotes to staff professional development.

Extracurricular Activities

Education is accessible outside of the classroom through extracurricular programmes provided by the schools. Take into account the variety of extracurricular activities offered by each school, such as community service, sports, music, art, and debate. Engaging in these activities enhances social awareness, creativity, cooperation, leadership, and teamwork—all essential elements of a child's holistic growth. 

Extracurricular activities are given top priority in both the best CBSE school in Gurgaon and international schools in Gurugram to guarantee that children acquire a well-rounded education. Think about the range of extracurricular activities offered by schools when assessing them.

Your child's scholastic career and general growth will be impacted by the school you select for them, so make an informed decision. Considerations like the curriculum, location, facilities, faculty, and extracurricular activities of the school are crucial, regardless of whether you choose the top CBSE school in Gurgaon or an international school in Gurugram. Take your time to do your homework, visit schools, and consult with educators so that you can make an informed selection, as every family is different in their requirements and preferences. Recall that the ideal school will offer your child a stimulating and caring atmosphere where they may learn, develop, and succeed.