5 Factor For Best School In Gurugram

5 Factor For Best School In Gurugram

17 January, 2024

While parenting is one of the best phases of a person’s life, it comes with plenty of responsibilities and a lot of decisions to make. One of them is choosing the best schools in Gurugram for your ward. A school is a place that can mold your child both academically and individually. Therefore, the gravity of your decision regarding which school to get them admitted into can go a long way in helping them turn into good human-being. In the past few years, many schools have mushroomed in Gurugram, thereby making it difficult to choose the right school for your ward. There is no magic formula to determine the best school in Gurgaon Sector 10, but there are various factors that can contribute to your decision to choose the right school. These determinants are as follows:

Location and timings

It is essential that you do not admit your child to a school that is very far from your home. It should be located in close proximity to your home. If the child has to travel a long way to-and-fro between school and home, they will get tired quickly by the end of the day. You should also ensure beforehand that the school provides transport facilities. If you are working parents, then it has to be checked that the school timings of the child match with your work timings.

Alpine Convent School is located at the heart of Gurugram (Next to CIA Police Post, Sector -10). Keeping in view the work timings of parents, we offer flexible timings to synchronize your work timings with our school timings so that you don’t have to compromise on your child’s safety and future.


The actual workforce behind the school is its management. They can either make or break a school. If you want to provide a good learning environment for your child, make sure that the school management has enough experience in the field of education and relevant educational background. Being one of the best schools in Gurugram, we know that leaving the students in inexperienced hands would hamper our reputation, Therefore, our management staff is equipped with the know-how of handling the challenges encountered in the day-to-day working of a school.

Curriculum and Co-curricular Activities

In today’s world, student learning is not just restricted to books and notebooks, but also the extracurricular activities that shape the totality of a student’s experiences. Provided the increasing pressure of the present-day syllabus, as parents, it is important to ensure that the curriculum is not overburdening. 

We at Alpine Convent School believe in encouraging our students to indulge in co-curricular activities like yoga, aerobics, swimming, skating, and theatre and drama. Additionally, the child-centered curriculum is designed keeping in mind the learning needs of the children.

Safety and Security

Children spend considerable hours of their day in school. Therefore, while shortlisting the best schools in Gurgaon Sector 10, it is important to make sure that there is no compromise with your child’s safety. We want to create an open space for students to explore, learn and grow. Hence, the entire area is under acute CCTV surveillance with live footage access for parents. To provide heightened safety to the students, cameras and GPS tracking system is fixed in our school buses. With highly-trained security who are vigilant all the time, we also maintain fire detection and mitigation strategies. 

Quality of Teachers

Being parents, you would want your child to receive a positive learning environment and that can be offered by the teachers only. Therefore, keeping a check on the quality of teachers is a must. Well-qualified, dynamic teachers who are open to the ever-evolving process of teaching and learning are the best for your ward. We provide regular workshops and training for our teachers so that they are abreast with new teaching techniques to ensure a healthy teacher-child bridge. Moreover, the student-teacher ratio should also be considered while admitting your child to the best Convent school in Gurugram

By keeping these suggestions under your sleeve, and conducting research about the right school for your child, you will be better equipped to make an informed choice. A good school would not just restrict your child within textbooks, but also enhance their knowledge base, develop their skills and encourage them to imbibe different cultures by interacting with other students, thereby making them capable of emerging as a global citizen.