Important Life Skills To Teach Your Children Before They Leave Their Home

Important Life Skills To Teach Your Children Before They Leave Their Home

11 June, 2022

Does your child knows Important Life Skills to be independent enough to navigate through the hurdles of everyday life? He is only a little scholar now, and real-world struggles seem like a distant idea. Unfortunately, time flies in the blink of an eye, and as parents, raising children who are resilient, clear thinkers, and capable caretakers of their personal well-being matter big. Are you comfortable assuming that keeping tabs on your little one round-the-clock is doable and easy? Certainly not! Instead, prepping children to live on their own hump goes a long way. 

Understand this – a child will never grow up to be an incredible entrepreneur or a proficient doctor without Important Life Skills. Focusing on academics alone does not contribute to the holistic development of children. What works wonders, though, is schooling children about the basic life skills and helping them inculcate strong personality traits. It certainly makes the switch from childhood to adulthood simple, less tedious, and enjoyable. 

Of course, parents have a hard nut to crack as children mimic everything that a parent does. But, schools have bigger shoes to fill by teaching Important Life Skills to students for a competitive future. After all, a child spends a good number of hours interacting and learning the nitty-gritty in a school. At the Alpine Convent School, reputably one of the best schools in Gurgaon, students are given practical lessons on Important Life Skills, showing the ropes of how to live life on their own as happy adults. 

Must learn life skills for children 

1. Time Management – As a top school in Gurugram, Alpine teaches students the value of time and the importance of keeping up with a schedule. Young kids rarely have a sense of time. This explains why getting the kids ready on time or pushing them to wrap up their homework and bedtime routine is a backbreaking task for parents. 

Mentors at the Alpine Convent School train students (right from an early age) on ways to measure time and maintain a schedule. Children learn how to use a planner or a simple notebook to jot down activities and keep track of their everyday tasks. Besides, drills are conducted to help train students to manage their time better. 

2. Self-Care, Health, and Hygiene – Learning the ins and outs of personal hygiene is a crucial life skill no children must be kept barred from. Drawing up a chart instructing the kids to rinse their hands or brush their teeth sounds easy and convenient. However, everyday pestering makes a child dependent on instructions. 

The best schools in Gurgaon, like Alpine, educate students about the basics of health and hygiene in a fun and interactive style which is one of the Important Life Skills. Constant reminders are dated. Instead, kids are taught the odds of not practicing basic hygiene via fun storytimes and pictures. Besides personal care, kids at Alpine are schooled about the use of the primary first-aid kits. Think about it – can you be constantly around your kid and jump in as a savior when the little one trips and hurts himself? No! Teaching about first-aid kits encourages children to tackle their injury right away in events when a grown-up is not around. 

Speaking of health, it is no secret that putting your child on a healthy food habit is hardwon. Veggies are healthy but bland, while junk food is lip-smacking and a favorite. Here’s how the mentors at the top international schools in Gurugram or Alpine alter the mindset of the fiddly kids. For a child good in sports, the coach explains how having a few food items can boost the little one’s stamina and energy to play better and not run out of breath soon. In short, mentors keep track of the interests of every child and resorts to a personalized and friendly way of molding a kid’s dietary habit. 

3. Communication – For young teens or adults, the ability to communicate seamlessly is a primary life skill. Students at the best schools in Gurgaon, like Alpine Convent, are geared to be fantastic listeners and good conversationalists. Kids here learn the importance of understanding perspectives, practicing face-to-face conversations, and also picking up on non-verbal cues. 

4. Sprucing up a child’s critical thinking abilities – Critical thinkers are a need of time. The ability to figure things out clearly, think rationally, and independently are must-have life skills. Therefore, Alpine, the top school in Gurugram, introduces activity-driven inquiry-based learning modules, encouraging students to ask questions and brainstorm ideas when studying a new thing. The school allows kids to participate in group discussions and collaborate with peers on projects to hone their Important Life Skills