Why Is Practical Knowledge Important For Growing Scholars?

Why Is Practical Knowledge Important For Growing Scholars?

17 January, 2024

Every scholar learns differently. While some students are brilliantly receptive to verbal and logic-based learning styles, others find visuals helpful. However, if we were to narrow down on a specific learning style that hits the mark for all, it is certainly practical learning. Think about it – could you teach your child the tricks of a backstroke or butterfly without getting the little one in the water? Most things in the world cannot be taught without hands-on practical experience, and education is no different. Theories for skill-based subjects are no good, unless supported by an active practice session. 

The top schools in Gurgaon reckon practical knowledge is just as crucial as theory-based learning styles. Wondering what practical learning truly depicts? Of course, laboratory work, assignments, group projects, and study tours are all examples of practical learning. However, there’s more to the learning style. Simply put, practicals are all about experiential learning. A simple practice session or doing a certain task in person can sum up a practical learning experience too.

Students should be exposed to practical knowledge at an early age – do you second? Little did you know that practical work strengthens the understanding of subjects or new concepts in young minds. This is why Alpine Convent School, hands-down the best convent school in Gurugram, trains and mentors students using learning modules that include a holistic combination of theories, interactive learning, and practical knowledge. 

It is no secret that listening to lectures alone can be monotonous and boring. Colourful visuals certainly help, especially for the young children. But, nothing truly works wonders as good as an interactive and fun practical session. Here are some common but unrealised benefits of practical knowledge: 

Expose children to new equipment and tools

The more a child practices, the quicker and the better he/she learns

Practicals keep students more involved and riveted

Group activities and projects encourage kids to socialise better and harness critical values like patience, team spirit, cooperation, compassion, etc. 

Alpine Convent is not just the best but the top CBSE school in Gurgaon. The curriculum here includes a proficient blend of theories and practical knowledge to educate young learners. What’s more? The school leaves no stone unturned in training and nurturing students to grow into independent and confident adults. So, why wait till senior high or grad school to expose your little one to the wonders of practical learning? Enroll at Alpine Convent School for amazing results. 

The Real Benefits of Practical Learning 

Wondering if equipping students with hands-on practical knowledge is the best thing to do? Of course it is! That pretty much explains why the best schools in Gurgaon or anywhere across the globe include more practical learning in a well-planned curriculum. Let’s explore a few interesting perks of practical knowledge. 

An Upgrade in Skills 

Ordinary classroom experiences can get repetitive at times, don’t you agree? Listening and flipping through pages for hours is not only unvaried but also uninteresting. Practical knowledge inspires scholars to hop out of a traditional classroom environment and implement their skills. Should you then abandon your theories entirely? Of course not! 

As mentioned earlier, practical knowledge and theoretical learning go hand in hand. When putting theories into practice, scholars learn better and, more importantly, become familiar with problems that could crop up out of the blue. Result? Students understand and gradually excel at prompt problem-solving. In short, practicals boost skills in young learners. 

Amplified Knowledge Retention 

A prominent reason why the best schools in Gurgaon are noteworthy is because the students score brilliantly and are confident in themselves. A hands-on approach to learning has proven benefits. Not only does a student get the hang of things a lot quicker and clearer, but they retain it for a longer span. 

How often have you heard that a driver never forgets the driving basics? Sure, without practice, it does get rusty, but driving is never forgotten. Education is quite the same. Getting versed on subjects via theories alone could fade away with time. Implementing the learning in a practical knowledge setting, on the other hand, is likely to remain quite at place in your brain. Hence, Alpine Convent is dedicated to providing students with top-notch practical learning experiences to compliment their regular study modules. 

The Impact of Practical Knowledge is Far-Fetching 

Practical learning can well be described as interactive learning. It comes as no surprise that interactions contribute significantly to a well-rounded educational experience. Textbooks and research papers are undoubtedly the fundamental parts of education. However, by introducing children to first-hand practical learning doubles up the understanding of a subject. It strengthens the comprehensive ability of students and encourages the young ones to take a deeper interest in learning more. 

Score a Better Understanding 

Experience is at the core of an academic approach, at least for the best schools in Gurgaon. Certain subjects or things can only be well understood using practical knowledge. Think about it – will a student have any insight about horticulture unless the scholar touches and works with crops? For young students too, practical experience plays a big-league role in stepping up their education. 

Alpine Convent successfully tops the list of the best schools in Gurgaon by introducing scholars to a comprehensive and all-encompassing educational experience. Academics are not just about theories and laboratory visits. Practical knowledge is at the core of the academic module here. Hence, students are motivated to indulge more in interactive practical work and activities. It boosts confidence in the scholars, right from a tender age, and increases their ability to bond and associate with others.