Why Is Physical Activity Important in Childhood?

Why Is Physical Activity Important in Childhood?

17 January, 2024

According to countless scientific reports, regular physical activity contributes to healthy development in a growing child. Therefore, the seed of good habits must be sown early in children. Parents should encourage their children to participate in regular physical activities from a young age. This healthy habit can help the little ones in many ways, and that’s exactly what I will discuss in this blog.  

Besides parents, schools help foster the growth of children by providing them the environment and the infrastructure they need to explore their interests in physical activities such as sports. Alpine Convent School is one of the best schools in Gurgaon with the best infrastructure for sports in Delhi NCR. The school has a 6-acre campus, with facilities like a swimming pool, an athletic track, and ground and courts for sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, etc. At Alpine Convent School, they acknowledge that physical growth is an equally important aspect as intellectual growth. The school also provides some of the best coaching facilities for sports, and this gives the children the right guidance from a young age. 

Physical activities help the children develop at a steady pace, and can help to bring in some healthy psychological changes in them too. Let me tell you how –

Physical Development 

Physical activities such as sports, aerobics, swimming, and even dancing, lead to healthy physical development in children. Moving your body is essential for physical growth. From the development of bones and organs in the body to maintaining a healthy metabolism, the benefits of engaging in physical activities from a young age are many. 

Here are some of the physical changes that physical activities cause in the body – 

Bone & Muscle Development

Physical activities can help in strengthening the bones and muscles. Children who engage in regular physical activities will have better functioning body organs than children who don’t. Moreover, regular physical activity can help facilitate better health of organs like the heart and lungs. 

Reduces Risk of Diseases

You do not necessarily need science to believe that a healthy body is less prone to diseases. Regular physical activity can result in reducing the risk of people getting diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer at a later stage in life. The evidence for the same is backed by science, in case you need proof. Developing healthy habits like exercising regularly strengthens the body and improves immunity, which makes you less prone to diseases. 

Weight Management 

Physical activities can help the child maintain a healthy weight. Being too skinny or obese can be unhealthy and maintaining weight from a young age can be beneficial for the child. Maintaining optimum weight can help eliminate the risk of diseases and keep the child active. 

Better Overall Physical Health

Engaging in physical activities can lead to better coordination of limbs. It also has an effect on posture and flexibility. These are not the essentials for a healthy body but certainly, help in improving the overall body language of the child. 

Psychological Development 

Along with physical development, physical activities can also lead to psychological and social development in kids. Being one of the best schools in Gurgaon Sector 38, Alpine Convent School provides students with the right guidance to push them towards developing healthy habits. 

Here is a glimpse of certain psycho-social behaviors that are improved when kids start regular physical exercises from a young age – 

Boosted Confidence 

Children who engage in physical activities have boosted confidence and self-esteem. This is because working out regularly helps you understand your body better and have a healthy relationship with it. When you’re playing sports, you need to believe in yourself – that you can win against all odds. And that contributes to psychological development. 

Healthy De-Stressing 

Through means of engaging in physical activities, children can find a healthy outlet for de-stressing. As an adult, you may wonder why children need to de-stress. But children have a life of their own and often, managing studies and other things together can cause stress in children. Playing competitive sports and spending time outdoors can help them loosen up and de-stress. 

Good Sleeping Habits 

Sweating it out helps you sleep better. When you have adequately exercised, your body releases hormones that make you feel relaxed and happy. This improves the quality of sleep that you get. In children, this can help them in developing good sleeping habits from a young age. 

Acquiring Social Skills 

When you’re playing sports, you need to interact with your teammates, your coach, and even your rivals. This leads to developing healthy communication habits. You can learn valuable social skills from a young age by spending time around people and engaging in physical activities.

Team Spirit & Leadership

The child will learn to work in a team when they are playing sports with them. They can even get a chance to acquire leadership skills – managing a team, strategizing, etc. These skills are valuable in today’s world and will lead them to become self-confident and capable individuals. 


Physical activities should be an inseparable part of the day for every child. There must always be a balance between studies and exercise. It will help the child more than you think. Also, in order to make this happen, you must enroll your child in a school where there is an infrastructure to facilitate this balance. One of the best schools in Gurugram with a commendable infrastructure for physical exercise is Alpine Convent School.