Useful Tips To Accelerate Your Learning Experience And Stretch Your Study Hours

Useful Tips To Accelerate Your Learning Experience And Stretch Your Study Hours

17 January, 2024

A serious scholar is always keen to try all tricks and score higher than his or her peers. Wondering if putting in a few extra hours to your study schedule could work the magic? Of course, it is effective. However, mastering academics is more about the quality of studies and less about the hours of hard work you invest. Think about it – is it worth sitting at your desk for six long hours flipping through pages when you are easily distracted, slow and sluggish, and love stalling works that come your way? Definitely not! 

Alpine Convent School, a renowned and best school in Gurugram, explains that focusing on effective study hours and practicing good study habits is more important than cramming extra hours into a student’s schedule. However, for the not-so-lazy students aspiring to score big, here are a few tips to prolong good study hours without getting overly drained. 

1. Follow a schedule

Think of a game plan to tackle your academic routine. Right from listing down the subjects, you wish to wrap up in a day to the number of hours dedicated towards each subject. Without a proper schedule, you will end up juggling subjects mindlessly. 

Do you procrastinate and keep stacking the difficult subjects for later? Are you happy accomplishing the easy tasks first? Sadly, it is not the right approach. Always kickstart with the most difficult learning modules early in the day. Little did you know that energies are on a high during the day and so is productivity. Try the trick. 

2. Regular exercising is a good habit

Were you aware that doing physical drills every day boosts your learning ability? The perks of exercising are far and beyond. It helps in improving memory, battling anxiety, and allows students to hone in and focus better. Also, a little cardio every day makes students alert and responsive. So, practice regular exercises to study without distractions and with a clear mind. 

Among the best schools sector 10, Alpine Convent introduces an all-encompassing and holistic curriculum. The school encourages students to realize the significance of activities alongside academics. 

3. Start with a positive mindset

Of course, this sounds like a lecture but having the right positive attitude helps you sail through your study sessions with ease. If not, you might end up feeling dreadful and uninterested in reading the books. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Set small goals and tick them off your list one at a time
  • Remind yourself that you are only a few steps away from a flourishing career
  • Don’t brood over not having enough hours to prep for a test. Instead, focus on the present and you might learn more lessons than you pictured
  • Comparing yourself to your peers is disheartening. Make small progress to become a better version of yourself
  • Do not sulk because of a low grade. Instead, look into your mistake and ensure that the errors are not repeated. 

4. Eat right to keep your energy levels on a rise

A good diet is mentally revitalizing. Do you love snacking on cakes, chips, and junk sugary food? Little did you know that these edibles are high in Glycemic Index (GI). Results? Your energy spikes quick and crashes even quicker, leaving you fatigued and dead on your feet. Instead, munch on healthy food items like nuts, low-fat dairy, granola bars, fruits, etc. It retains the energy for a longer span, letting you study for an extended time. 

5. Study in 30-minute sessions

Alpine Convent, the best convent school in Gurugram, advises students to take breaks after an intense 30-minute or 40-minute study session. Did you know that pumping your brain with information for hours is pointless? The focus in you dips post a 50-minute mark. Powering through a learning module without any concentration is simply a waste of time. Take breaks and restore your focus to kick-start learning with renewed energy. 

6. Schedule your study hours mostly in the day

Studies prove that the productivity of individuals is at its peak during the daytime. You will have more energy, feel less drowsy, and enjoy better concentration in the bright hours of the day. Pretty much explains why Alpine Convent or the top school in Gurugram hosts learning sessions during the day. Students can memorize well and get a good grasp on difficult subjects. 

Squeezing in more hours to your regular academic schedule is totally doable. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make the most of your study sessions and hit success with flying colors.