Top Schools in Gurgaon History of Tech

Top Schools in Gurgaon History of Tech

17 January, 2024

The first half of the 21st-century is often called the digital age. Going forward, technology is predicted to rule the market. If present students are supposed to survive and thrive in such an era, where does history as a subject hold relevance? Obviously, top schools in Gurgaon have started prioritizing STEM subjects. Young students are learning to code earlier than their previous generation. But the top schools in Gurgaon will rarely allow subjects like history to take a backseat ever as this holds importance in decision-making and survival. STEM may be crucial for the current generation’s progress. But history is what will help to refine the path.

The past holds lessons for the future

The United Nations was formed in 1945 after the second world war. Countries around the world had to take lessons from two international wars to understand that a neutral body is required to maintain world peace. Similarly, our past knowledge of previous pandemics is helping us to battle the recent one and the history of industrial revolutions holds the key to explore future possibilities of similar progress. Whenever we have to predict the future, we have to look at the past. We need to understand and learn from our historical experiences to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated. Without knowledge of history, our growth can be directionless as we become prone to going astray.

History also helps to value our present

According to our history, India was a colonized country before 1947. It was a monarchy before the British era. Today, we are a democracy where we are free to choose our leaders and enjoy rights that our predecessors did not have. This knowledge of history allows us to acknowledge the value of our present. It creates humility among people and appreciation of whatever is available. The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon teach history along these lines where the motive is to comprehend what existed and what are different now. If students continue to see history as a subject filled with dates and events that do not matter now, they will miss the underlying lesson. Good schools hold history’s essence as the central theme and connect the present with the past.

History polishes our judgement

Mahatma Gandhi led an entire country into independence. He had devoted followers owing to his leadership skills and visions and is a celebrated figure all around the world even today. On the other side, Adolf Hitler also led a country. He also had a similar number of followers. But Hitler’s skills and visions led his country down a dark path and the people who followed him are currently infamous. It is again history that teaches us who made more sense, Gandhi or Hitler. The subject helps refine our judgements and analyse our current surroundings with knowledge. Based on history, today we can separate autocratic leaders from the democratic ones and judge people and their behaviours with the nuances of what has already happened.

History is there in every subject

Take any STEM subject and it is easy to notice that the lessons always start with history. Be it Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in biology or Newton’s Law of Gravitation in physics, even the science subjects first connect to history to lay the foundation for the more complicated topics. Sure, the dates when these occurred are not relevant while studying STEM subjects, but the events offer a better portrayal that every scientific law and theorem have ultimately been inspired by the world around them. History shows that renowned scientists, from Galileo to Newton to Darwin, looked at the environment and devised their theories that now govern our present.

And lastly, history is known to repeat itself

The theme of the history class of the top schools in Gurgaon. Before the recent coronavirus pandemic, experts were already working on mass diseases that infected the global population. Similar events have happened throughout history and researchers knew a similar instance is just around the corner. Similarly, industrial revolutions continue to happen and they bring about a set number of changes and it is only natural to expect that such events will repeat itself in the future as well where the world will transform in similar fashions. History does repeat itself. And there are numerous examples in all domains to prove the same. This makes the subject even more important as there is no escape from history in any era.

The Alpine Convent School which is one of the best schools in Gurgaon is progressive and futuristic but it does not neglect arts and subjects like history. Students here do not study history as a series of information but learn to connect it to their present and future lives. Alpine builds skills with history. It delivers understanding with history. Students become responsible citizens and develop rationality by looking into our generation’s past.