The Importance of Sports in School and how to choose the right sport for your kids

The Importance of Sports in School and how to choose the right sport for your kids

08 February, 2024

Most children instantly jump out of joy when they are asked to kick the football or do batting. The reason is children thoroughly relish the adrenaline rush offered by sports. While some are inclined towards individual sports activity, some like integrating into group sports. Similarly, some children like the hustle of arduous sports, while others prefer light-impact games. The best school in Gurugram is thoroughly aware of the indispensable importance of incorporating various sports. Sports not only increase the happiness quotient of a child but also promotes holistic development. But parents often get baffled by the huge list of sports options and which one would be suitable for their kids. 

Therefore, this article covers every aspect of the importance of sports in school and how to choose the right sport for your kids.

Why Do Good Schools in Gurgaon Prioritize Sports Activities Right from the Inception?

There is hardly anyone oblivious to the significance of sports in a child’s life. To fathom the importance of sports in a child’s life, it is essential to examine their physical and mental evolution.  A child not involved in sports and active is often deprived of energy, enthusiasm, and prosperity. They often tend to undergo obesity and develop heart disease at a later stage of their life, and the list of concerns continues. The ones regarded as the best schools sector 56, like Alpine Convent, gravitate towards introducing sports from the fundamental levels itself. 

With the incorporation and participation of sports, kids gradually sharpen their self-esteem. Not only that, involvement in sports leads to raised focus, interest in studies and hobbies. Engaging in sports from a young age kills the ‘win at all costs’ attitude and nurtures the child into becoming an unprejudiced person with compassion and affection. When schools introduce sports early in a child’s life, they pave the path for:

  1. Prolonged Bonds: When children engage in group games, they instantly jell up with fellow mates. This allows them to bond with students from other schools and localities and create a lifetime’s friendship - regardless of social status, financial condition, and so on. 
  2. Value Teamwork: Reliability and teamwork are two quintessence of playing any sport. As a result, when schools introduce children to different sports, they inadvertently hone their social and communication skills. 
  3. Ambitious Education: Through sports, children understand the essence of healthy competition effortlessly. They understand the significance of competitive edge and how it will be abundant in their later working stage.  
  4. Dealing with Academic Stress: There is no myth about the fact that academic pressure is gradually increasing. Students often find it difficult to cope with it. Playing sports has enhanced their behaviour and focus, improving academics. 

What are the Approaches to Finding a Sport Your Child Would Love? 

As parents, it might seem like an uphill battle to find the right sports for your child. The expansive range of sports makes it immensely perplexing. Therefore, we have jotted down some crucial factors to consider when choosing the right sports for your child. 

  1. Orienting Them to Numerous Sports Activities: Without experiencing the wide range of sports activities, your child will never anticipate which one they like the most. Exposure and engagement are essential for making an impartial decision while choosing the right sports. 
  2. Pay Attention to their Daily Schedule: The best school in Gurugram always emphasise the school and always keeps a balance between the student’s academic schedule and sports. Parents should also ensure a seamless routine that doesn’t sabotage their child’s mental health. 
  3. Notice their Enthusiasm: Have you noticed your child with raised eyebrows and an adrenaline rush during a football match? Do they jump out of joy when their favourite player makes a goal? If yes, then their interest undoubtedly lies in football. Like this, notice which game attracts your child’s attention, and get them enrolled in that class. 
  4. Understand the Body Type: If your child is short, then they are more likely to succeed in basketball than in football. All you need to remember is not to demotivate them if they are inclined towards a particular sport; it might directly hit their confidence. 
  5. Consider the Cost: If your child is interested in a cost whose cost is quite high, it’s important to assess their commitment level before you enrol them on it. 

The best way to guarantee that your child obtains a balanced amount of academic knowledge and sports is by visiting the school personally. You need to see and understand the approach that schools implement for the holistic education of the students. Alpine Convent is one of those good schools in Gurgaon for offering excellent education, infrastructure, and attention to sports. It is because of our years-old experience that we effortlessly understand the interest of our students and ensure that they receive the necessary guidance.