Strategies To Build A Positive Learning Environment Around Children

Strategies To Build A Positive Learning Environment Around Children

22 July, 2022

A positive and productive learning environment is critical for a scholar’s academic career. Do you agree? Sadly, a thriving learning environment doesn’t just happen on its own. Right from teachers and mentors to administration staff, creating an environment for students to prosper is a shared responsibility. Wondering if all schools are equipped enough to train your child in a positive and flourishing environment? Not really! Alpine Convent is among the top schools in Gurgaon and a first choice among parents for all the right reasons. The school offers a holistic learning experience and a world-class pedagogy to mentor students into the finest human beings. 

Creating a promising ambiance is hardwon. There are a few too many factors that go into the making of a flourishing environment for students to thrive. For instance, schools must provide a climate of safety, children must be encouraged to interact and take risks, etc. Ticking all boxes is Alpine Convent, an International school in Gurugram, that grooms children well and fosters elements of honesty, transparency, and respect in students. 

Have you been narrowing down options for the best schools in Gurgaon sector 38? Alpine Convent School certainly tops the list. The school steals the limelight not just for its all-encompassing academics, but a curriculum that supports the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of a scholar. What’s more? Alpine Convent is dedicated to shaping a positive and productive ambiance for children. 

Looking for a detailed insight on ways to build a flourishing environment for children? Let’s read a few make-or-break tips. 

Little did you realize that a learning environment first begins in a classroom. Therefore, the culture and climate of a classroom matter much in the growth and mindset of young scholars. Here’s what you need to know: 

1. Address a student’s emotional needs – Flamboyant or introverted, students are often insecure and emotionally needy. The little ones lack the sense of belonging, love, freedom, competence, and sometimes fun. Teachers must leave no stones unturned to ensure that a student’s insecurities are well taken care of, right in the classroom. It works wonders in creating a flourishing environment for children, increases engagement in students, and motivates the young ones to learn better. 

2. Ensure clear communication – Communication plays a pivotal role in fostering engagement and a sense of confidence in children. It is not uncommon to bump into teachers who fail to interact with students in a way that the little ones can relate to. Talk in a language that a student comprehends. Put in extra efforts to communicate and lay the grounds for a healthy and friendly relationship. Try and use humor and other engaging methods to interact. 

3. Practice and preach a sense of order – Believe it or not but students too, need a structure to follow. Teachers at Alpine Convent School, one of the best schools in Gurgaon sector 56, explain a clear idea about the academic and behavioral expectations of students. 

4. Encourage students to know a little about the teachers too – Are you sure that the scholars in your class perceive you as someone trustworthy? If not, it could impact the learning experience of children. Arranging a fun quiz time is a good idea. It helps children witness an entertaining side of you, clear their perceptions around you, and get more vocal about themselves. Get-to-know sessions often work well in creating a supportive and friendly ambiance for scholars to learn and thrive. 

5. Adhere to a curriculum that endorses positive actions – Not sure what a positive action curriculum implies? Well, students hail from varying cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is no secret that a child’s ambiance at home and its upbringing influence the little one’s perspective of what’s right and what’s not. Focusing on a detailed curriculum that instills positive behavior in children is what a positive action learning module is all about. Wondering what the curriculum includes? 

  • A good idea about nutrition, exercise, and sleep cycle that caters to good health
  • Actions of kindness
  • The pressing need of being respectful
  • Time management
  • Importance of having ambitions and goals
  • Actions that spark a good feeling and an image of being self-confident
  • Ways to take responsibility for one’s own actions, and more. 

The best school in Gurugram or Alpine Convent educates students on the basics of etiquette, discipline, sound character, and a positive curriculum besides a competitive learning module. After all, the International school is enrapt about grooming young students into responsible, honest, pragmatic, and independent individuals. 

6. Bribes and rewards might do more harm than good – Schools commonly offer incentives like gold stars, stickers, and prizes based on a student’s performance. Unfortunately, rewards like such undermine a student’s motivation, stir the relationship between a child and his or her peers, etc. Little did you know that a human brain is programmed with a reward system of its own. Succeeding at the smallest of achievements pumps up the brain with endorphins. Instead of stickers, praise the little one for his achievements. 

7. Team activities and building games – Alpine Convent, the finest International school in Gurugram, conducts enthralling and fun team games for the students. This encourages the scholars to team up, collaborate, and foster a relationship with their peers. It is not essential to host competitive games only. Also, including games as a part of the learning module keeps the attention of children on fleek, which might be fleeting otherwise. 

Teachers or staff, everyone at school must be careful not to judge a student. The odds are quite high – scholars start feeling pigeonholed or labeled. It threatens a child’s sense of belonging and confidence too. 

Creating a favoring and positive environment for students to dwell in is now easy. Follow the above-mentioned tips and motivate children to rack up good morals, just as academics.