Importance of Discussing Social Issues With Students

Importance of Discussing Social Issues With Students

02 February, 2024

As the saying goes “school is our second home”. It is not just about lessons and getting grades, it is also important to discussing social issues in school that would help us get ahead in life. One of the most important aspects of learning is awareness; awareness of the society, the societal issues and how they impact human life. The best schools in Gurgaon always make it a point to spread awareness among the students and prepare them for the future.

Here’s why discussing social issues in schools is crucial:

  • Raise Awareness

As a student, he/she is the hope of the future; the society’s future. Therefore, they must know about social issues as much as possible. Learning lessons from books and getting good grades in examinations is a crucial part of the educational system but that’s not all. The more they come to know about the recent issues of the society, the more their horizon of knowledge will expand. More importantly, discussing social issues in schools will also help the students to gain an upper hand in the competitive examinations. Lastly, creating awareness among students will also help them gain a refined perspective of life and practical approach towards the future.

  • Find Solutions

As has been stated before, students are the hope of the future. If they are made aware of social issues, a viable solution can come from them. Their young minds are nurtured to think better and more efficiently to come up with better ideas that will work for the betterment of society and help everyone. Discussing the social issues with the students i.e., the young generation will be useful. Their perspective and thought process are certainly different than the traditional ones which can help to bring about a change in society. Not only that, but it will also help them understand their responsibility better.

  • Rationalize

Being fully aware of the social issues, it can help to induce a rational approach in young minds. As a result of that, it will help them to avoid stereotypes and not generalize every situation. One of the most persisting problems is a generalization. It leads to discrimination between people. Thinking from a rational perspective and being fully conscious about the societal issues will help to do away with this problem.

  • Spread the Message

An aware student will certainly help to spread the word. Knowledge and information are important as long as it is being transferred. It is not supposed to be confined as that will defeat the true purpose- to educate people and raise awareness among every individual so that they can contribute towards a better world. Instead of keeping the student in shadow, the teachers need to talk about the social issues with them openly and observe how they are perceiving the matters.

  • Stay Away from Propaganda

In the age of social media, it is very easy to fall into trap of fake news, misinformation and propaganda. As a mentor or teacher of the school, the primary duty is to educate the students about the truth so that they don’t struggle when presented with the wrong information. Not only that, but it will also help the students to educate others with facts. Most importantly, analysing skills are essential here. If they are presented with certain information, the students must possess the right analysing skills to comprehend it. The key is not to believe everything that is told; the only way is to ask questions and analyse everything with a rational and logical approach.

Discussing social issues in schools would also give the students a clearer idea about the world they are living in. For instance, it is very important to know about the social inequalities, religious differences and gender discriminatory matters that have engulfed the present society.

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