Inspire Students Resume Schooling

Inspire Students Resume Schooling

26 March, 2022

Is it Hard to Resume Schooling After a Series of Lockdown?

Do you have a child who doesn’t want to resume schooling after the pandemic lockdown? It can be difficult to manage children who hate school and will do anything to not go there. Oftentimes, when young students throw tantrums to convince their parents that they do not want to go to school, the parents react in a manner that makes the situation worse. Behind the student’s not wanting to go to school could be a logic that the parents do not yet understand. 

Having taught so many students with so many distinct identities in the best school in sector 10 Gurgaon over the years, I have gathered some rather useful insights into the child’s psychology of not wanting to go to school. With some patience and active effort, we can inspire or motivate the child to start liking their place of learning. Here’s how –

Listen to why the Student doesn’t want to resume schooling  

There are so many problems that can just be fixed by simply listening to the child. Try the, ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ tactic when you talk to your child about why they don’t want to resume schooling:

  • Why do they do not want to resume schooling? Why do they not find their school to be a likeable place? 
  • What is causing them to dislike school? Is it the people over there? Or the infrastructure that they are not comfortable with? Or is anyone bullying them?
  • How can you help them?

When you talk to your child, remember that no matter how trivial their reasoning may seem, to a child’s perspective, it could be a big thing. So, remember to be patient with them and validate their reasoning. 

Healthy Balance Between Study & Play

A common reason why students don’t want to resume schooling is that their time at school appears to take their playtime with their friends or parents away. Maintaining a healthy balance between study hours and playtime can help your child stop perceiving school as a place that takes all the fun away. Another reason could be that your child is going to a school that is too strict about academics. At Alpine Convent School, which is the best school in Sector 10, we help our students balance studies and extracurricular activities. We support the students’ extracurricular interests like sports, music, dancing, etc., and motivate them to work hard in those areas, in addition to academics. 

Making Valuable Connections

Childhood might seem like a ridiculously small age to start networking but it could be beneficial for the child. Making valuable connections with classmates and teachers could give them the push to want to go to school. Friendships are an indispensable part of student life. It is likely that when the students form meaningful friendships, they will look forward to going to school and spending time with them. 

More Opportunities, Perhaps Some Wins 

Students who are not motivated to go to school often feel that way because they feel neglected in that environment. A discussion between parents and teachers about the issue can help create a more inviting environment for the child. With a little initiative from the teacher by giving more opportunities to win to the child, it can contribute to giving the child more confidence. Every child is different and takes their own time in learning to stand up for themselves and be confident with their skills. 

Indulge their Excuses

Indulge their excuse for not wanting to resume schooling. And no, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be spoiling them by letting them do whatever they want. You will simply be letting them know that you hear and see them and their struggles. Later on, you can take this as an example to create a rational discourse around why they should go to school. It will be their turn to listen to you then. And they will take your judgment as you took theirs.  

Help Them Grow

Behind children’s excuse of not wanting to resume schooling might be a plea for help. Make sure you give them the time and attention they need to overcome their inhibitions and grow as a confident individual. At Alpine Convent School, is the Top School in Haryana, your child will get the right learning environment that will also contribute to their holistic growth. With the best faculty and the best infrastructure, the student will feel at ease in the school.