How to Encourage Emotional and Social Learning Among Kids?

How to Encourage Emotional and Social Learning Among Kids?

02 February, 2024

Are you mindful about the significance of social and emotional skills in kids? It is not hard to figure out that social skills empower children to socialise and get along with peers. The likelihood of understanding emotions and strengthening relationships can certainly be challenging for kids without the necessary social or emotional skills. Describing these as critical skills is only appropriate. It motivates children to interact and discover relationships of their own, navigate social situations well, make better decisions, and, of course, sense a boost in confidence. 

Wondering about the ways to incorporate these skills into children’s lives? You may be surprised to learn that the best preschools in Gurgaon have been incorporating fundamental social and emotional skills into their learning modules for quite some time. For instance, Alpine Convent School, also a recognised international school in Gurugram, prioritises uplifting the mental well-being and social abilities of young scholars. 

In what ways can a school introduce emotional and social learning in a classroom? 

Daily greetings – Little did you know that the practise of greeting teachers is not just customary in a top school in Gurgaon. Why only students? Teachers can kick-start the custom of welcoming children with a smile and a happy response to an early morning greeting. Not sure how that helps? Well, it sparks a good connection between teachers and students. 

Class meetings – Speaking of meetings, one of the first things that pops in the minds of most young learners is being criticised and made aware of a certain weakness. Time to switch up the scenario. Alpine Convent, indeed, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, endeavours to arrange class meetings not to criticise but to boost students and applaud them for their strengths. Besides, it also serves as an initiative to discuss problems, solutions, and chalk out exciting class events together. Promoting a positive and supportive learning environment inspires students with a strong sense of belonging.

Encourage learners to read out loud – Did you know that motivating students to read aloud has its own perks? It is truly a smart hack. Educators can integrate perspectives and emotions in the midst of the texts. For example, while a student is reading a certain story, a teacher can speak about the emotions of a certain character from a different perspective. An exchange of vision and emotions stirs the mind of a learner and exposes the student to necessary emotions. 

Work towards building problem solving skills in children – It is no secret that an international school in Gurugram like Alpine Convent supports the holistic development of students and not just academic encouragement. Although personalised classes are available for students, teachers do not spoon-feed solutions when a learner bumps into a roadblock. Instead, a learner is inspired to figure out a possible solution in a snap. This is a promising initiative, encouraging students to harness their prompt problem-solving skills. 

Teamwork is a boon – Class projects and assignments are pretty common in a school curriculum. By introducing more group assignments, students learn to value the importance of socialisation and cooperation. Children learn to listen more, strategise in groups, and collaborate with peers to wrap up tasks. 

Assign responsibilities – Providing young kids with responsibilities is not quite practised in all schools. However, the best preschools in Gurgaon familiarise children with the fundamentals of responsibility right from a tender age. In fact, taking ownership of one’s actions boosts a sense of self-worth in growing kids. Small duties like working around the lunch counter or serving as a clean-up crew work wonders. Make responsibilities fun and exciting. Give cool titles. Also, make sure to demonstrate the work before entrusting the little one with a certain task. 

Art activities are elementary – At Alpine Convent, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, art sessions are a regular part of the curriculum. Scribbling or painting serves as an excellent coping mechanism for kids to reign in their stress. Did you always picture stress as an adult thing? Well, anxiety and stress are just as common in children as well. Art lets children vent their feelings and emotions on a piece of paper. Besides, art promotes self-awareness in children and builds their relationship skills too. 

Exemplify the benefits of positive self-talk – Always reminding a child of his or her weakness dwindles the little one’s morale and confidence. Self-talking fires up a powerful voice in one’s mind and sparks reassurance in kids too. Therefore, encouraging students to practise self-talking explicitly is a good idea. 

Introduce children to the concepts of mindfulness – Kids are mostly restless and have a fleeting focus. Hence, feeling the odds of an emotional roller-coaster just before an exam or an intense competition is only a given. Practicing mindfulness calms the kids and helps them manage their emotions better. Of course, mastering mindfulness is a lengthy process. Exposing kids to the idea nurtures the young mind.

Alpine Convent, the best convent school in Gurgaon, shows students the ropes of mindfulness and breathing techniques. The school houses a serene yoga space for students to relax and feel at one with their soul. 

Unlike a planned curriculum, social and emotional learning has no set syllabus. It is the approach that introduces the aspects of social and emotional skills in the young ones.