Cultural Activities in School

Cultural Activities in School

02 February, 2024

Importance of cultural activities in school is the innermost core that shapes everything that goes on inside a school. It forms not only the base but is also reflective in the end result of various activities in an educational institution.

Importance of cultural activities in school is a highly multifaceted term. It may be defined as a deeper reflection of beliefs, values, traditions and attitudes which impact how a school operates overall.

Culture of a school has the power to make or break it.

As renowned social psychologist R.S. Barth says, “the cultural activities in school has far more influence on the life and learning of students in the campus than the department of education, the school board, or even the best principal can probably have.”

  1. It is important to understand that unless a school does not strive and stand for something more deep and profound than simply raising the grades, then it perhaps does not succeed in making a notable difference to the life of its students.
  2. The importance of cultural activities in school is the consolidated assumption and belief that people in general have about a school. This in turn impacts the way students behave, contribute or how willing they are to participate in its day-to-day activities.
  3. A positive cultural activities in school offer a supportive, highly safe, encouraging, challenging and inviting environment for staff as well as students. This in turn has a remarkable impact on the overall personality of students and helps to drive a school to heights of success.
  4. Culture affects each and every aspect of a school. From informal conversations to instructional methods and strategies to the commitment to ensure all students are involved and learn – all are part of the cultural activities in school.
  5. Every school has a Mission and Vision but the school culture relies on how diligently these values and principles embodied in the Mission and Vision statements are adhered to .  Its crucial for all members of the school to have a shared vision as well as an idea of the milestones that are being achieved and the ones that need to be met to achieve the mission.

What makes a strong School Culture?

A school will have a strong or weak culture depending on the type of interactions that take place between the people who are part of the school , right from management, administration, teaching staff to parents and their wards.

When a school has a strong importance of cultural activities in school , there will be overlapping, cohesive or parallel interactions which will at the end speak about the organization’s distinctive character and what all it takes to thrive the best in it. This will in turn help spread the knowledge about its beliefs and values and reinforce it time and again.

Leaders have direct communication with counsellors, teachers, administrators and parents. They too have direct talk with each other so that messages related to shared beliefs and commitments are widespread.

In case of a weak culture, there are hardly any interactions and the communication or connection is deliberately limited. All this make it really tough for people to learn about the vision and beliefs of the educational institution so there is no distinct character that one can associate the school with. As a result, the knowledge about beliefs and the sense of  commitment towards the organization is also sporadic and blurry.

The ways School Culture Impacts the lives of students -

Positive cultural activities in school motivates its students to strive hard for excellence, enhances their confidence, helps them discover and refine their talents so that they grow up to become successful, confident and productive happy adults.

By Motivating Students – A school with innovation in academics as well as co-curricular activities can aptly ignite bright young minds. A positive school culture inspires and prepares students for a joyful way of life and raises the standard of academic excellence makes them feel motivated. This includes role models, teachers and counsellors who are an integral part of this culture impact the mindset of growing kids .

By Building Confidence – A school with a safe and positive setting that exposes children to new challenges and opportunities helps them create an identity for themselves by exploring various novel experiences. Growing children learn , develop confidence and grow in character by accepting challenges be it in classroom setting, playground, art classes or while being involved in social and community welfare activities.

By Discovering and Nurturing their Talents – A great school culture will not only try to identify the hidden talent of your kid but also nurture that gift and ability. This along with providing students with leadership opportunities can help refine their career goals and shape their future in a better way!

Promoting Lifelong Friendships and Long-Lasting Relationships –  Peers have a great influence on young minds. When a school is based on shared beliefs and values of service and character, it helps students connect with each other even more seamlessly and classmates grow to become lifelong buddies. 

This is not just limited to the students, even parents are highly impacted by positive cultural activities in school and the strong bonding can be seen amongst the families of students. Overall, this results in a huge,  warm and encouraging community.

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