International School: Significance of Global Curriculum

International School: Significance of Global Curriculum

28 February, 2022

Global curriculum features are truly essential for all students of the 21st century. As the connectivity of the entire world rises through the advancement of technology, only a few economic and social phenomenon will remain localised in nature. Plus, corporate establishments currently have the resources to tap into a global customer base.

They hire employees from all around the world to seek the cream from every culture. The society that today’s students will step into tomorrow will be highly decentralised, horizontal, and mobile. The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon thus focus on having great global curriculum features, wherein the following are the 5 of them that string together all the future requirements and build a solid skill foundation for all their students.

  • Cultural awareness

Globally, cultural diversity will always be the major roadblock that the students will have to overcome. It is not easy to share the belief and practices of an entirely different culture than one’s own. Only through proper education in cultural diversity can students fit in well and work in a team with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. Be it for higher studies or a job, students of the 21st century will have to move out or interact with people from different locations.

Global curriculum features hands them the ammunition to seamlessly add to the existing diversity, draw its benefits, and learn from it rather than being closed-minded.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

The rate of growth of the world around has become so fast-paced that whatever knowledge and skills seem relevant today, is bound to see a transition in the next 5 years. Thus, today’s students will have to develop the mentality of being flexible.

They must be capable of adapting to the changing environment, learn while working, and foresee what the economy will demand next. The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon start teaching adaptability and flexibility from the very beginning. Rarely do students in such schools follow the same learning technique, have a set syllabus, or learn in the same classroom.

  • Critical thinking

Good schools integrate this soft skill into students by following the inquiry-based learning approach. This one of the 5 global curriculum features must make a way for intellectual inquiry. Unless students know how to ask the right questions, they cannot thrive in a world that is only set to become even more complex.

Right from new opportunities to personal safety, students will always have to question everything to think for themselves, fish out their hidden qualities, or stay wary of the society around them. The world right now looks for independent thinkers. Globally, new ideas are gradually getting their due respect. Critical thinking will thus be essential at every step.

  • Application of knowledge

This, again, is a direct requirement stemming from the fast-paced nature of the world today. Vast knowledge is always appreciated but now, companies and universities look at the students’ abilities to apply that knowledge. A student may know how a 3D printer works but that candidate will be preferred more who knows the working inside out. Another student may have complete knowledge about robotics, but the designer will always get the first entry.

Knowledge in combination with the application is the one of the most required global curriculum features in today’s era. And the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon always focusses on building the applied skill as well.

  • Language proficiency

Today, people rarely have the chance to meet. Jobs are gradually going remote and business decisions are being made over emails and video calls. Thus, the first impression has shifted from physical presentation to communication proficiency as leaders today hand out opportunities based on how well a student writes or a candidate speaks over the phone.

Naturally, the global curriculum has to fit in language proficiency into the mix. English must receive the most important due to its widespread use, along with a second language if possible. 21st-century students cannot afford to be mediocre in communication.

Thus, when you list top CBSE Schools in Gurugram and look for an effective global curriculum for your child, be sure to search for these five crucial features. There can always be more in this list but these are the cornerstones around which the rest can exist.

Being one of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon, the Alpine Convent School follows a global curriculum wherein teaching cultural awareness, responsiveness to change, applying knowledge to situations, subject content, and much more exist at the core of the institute’s educational philosophy.

Evidently, Alpine students have become better candidates of the present society as the school follows the global approach from where their student rightly benefits. There is no other way. There is no alternative route. Only global curriculum features can prepare your child for the world to come and find success in leaping society.