Child Focus On Public Speaking Skills

Child Focus On Public Speaking Skills

17 January, 2024

A headteacher of a US school, while speaking about the perks of enhancing public speaking skills among children, stated that he was first appalled to find seventh-grade students having difficulty in their mathematics class in pronouncing the term “denominator”. The students were more comfortable with pointing at the board or indicating the number as the “figure at the bottom” but refused to use its appropriate term. He noted that the uneasiness increased when he asked his students to speak out in front of the class and the fumbling soon resulted in anxiety. Then onwards, he included oration as part of his school’s curriculum as he mentioned that students of the modern era cannot go out into the world with mediocre speaking skills.

As evident, this is not a problem limited to the US. Growing up, children all over the world suffer from public speaking-related anxieties as the task of addressing an attentive audience is daunting. And just like the US schools,  best schools in Gurgaon are also recognizing the importance of a child focus on public speaking skills as this is a form of communication that directly affects their education. Today, proficiency in public speaking is no longer an option for students. They need the skills to find success in their profession, grow as a person, and meaningfully live their lives.

Better speaking skills give rise to better collaboration

Your child will frequently find himself/herself in a team. Be it in school projects now or job assignments in the future, working in a team is imminent. Say, your child has a brilliant idea which he/she wants to share with the group or a point to which he/she wants to present a counter agreement, he/she will need his/her speaking skills to make the point convincing. If your child sits quietly in the corner and accepts whatever is going on, he/she will never benefit from the collaboration. Neither will he/she find his/her due share of success in the professional world. Irrespective of the size of the group, students need to work on their public speaking skills to effectively work in a team. Otherwise, they will always find themselves in places where exciting opportunities are lacking.

It also leads to better learning

Being the best Schools in Gurugram will involve their students in interactive and discussion sessions to go deeper into a subject. When students brainstorm, argue with and explain things to each other, the lesson settles at an elevated level in their minds. Only through equal participation can everyone gather each other’s perspectives and that can only happen if the majority of the students are proficient public speakers. Your child must be capable of listening to other students and present his/her thoughts verbally in a way that is acceptable to others. The more your child engages, the better will be his/her critical thinking prowess, and the higher will his/her knowledge reach. Here again, shying away from the discussion will not help your child in any way.

Even dialogues become more meaningful

Public speaking does not necessarily have to include a large audience. Even a single person on the opposite end can put your child’s oration skills to test. The mere fact of going up to the teacher and asking a question or seeking help from another student to understand a problem can seem daunting to many. If this uneasiness stays, your child will always find it difficult to approach any person and his/her comfort zone will only include the people he/she knows. Evidently, the student will back out from a meaningful dialogue, rarely engage in social events, or form any new networks. The skills of oration extend to an audience of all sizes. Assertive and confident statements can be said both to a large group or a single person.

And lastly, the professional world is all about public speaking now

Be it managers giving directions to their subordinates or start-up founders pitching their ideas to potential investors, your child will step into a world where public speaking skills will form an integral part of his/her professional world. His/her growth will depend upon how convincing the statements are. How well can he/she address the gathered crowd and reach into their minds through the power of speech. Without proper public speaking skills, your child will feel lost even in this age of digital communication.

The top 10 Schools in Gurgaon will prioritise public speaking skills in their soft skill development sessions. Being one of the best schools in Gurgaon, the Alpine Convent School understandably does exactly that. Alpine students receive expert training in public speaking skills in every way possible and also get the scope to sharpen their abilities through classroom discussions, debate competitions, and much more. Public speaking is not a challenge for efficient speakers. But that level of efficiency can only come if the coaching begins at school.