5 Helpful Tips for Clearing Senior School Admissions

5 Helpful Tips for Clearing Senior School Admissions

08 February, 2024

Unlike the pre-primary stage, students hold a lot more responsibilities in senior school admission. Here, the focus is more on you and your answers rather than your parents. To clear the senior school admissions of any of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, you will have to show more mettle than your marks. You will have to show that you are fit for the institution, can complement their existing ethos, and the school will benefit by having you. At the senior level, your existing knowledge and interests will count in the interview hall and you will have to be clear as to what you are seeking from the school by taking admission.

To make the entire task less daunting for you, here are 5 helpful tips for clearing senior school admissions:

  • Read and re-read the school’s admission brochure

That will give you the necessary insights into the school’s expectations. Right from the rules you are to follow prior to and during the admission day to what the school is looking for in its new batch of senior students, the admission brochure will help you to conduct yourself in a way it is required by the school. If the admission brochure says that you are supposed to wear a tie and you miss that out on the D-day, the first impression created will naturally not be great. Similarly, if the school focuses heavily on sports performance, you will want to highlight your athletic achievements in your CV.

  • Prepare answers to a few common questions

All top CBSE schools in Gurgaon generally ask a set of common questions.

  1. How will you describe yourself as a student?
  2. What are your non-academic interests?
  3. What are your most and least favourite subjects and why?
  4. Can you describe a time when you felt challenged?
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Introspect on these well before the actual admission day and write down solid and unique answers. Refine them as the day comes nearer and continue adding and eliminating points. In the end, try not to memorise the answers that you had written down and improvise based on the main attributes.

  • Be honest about yourself

Always keep this fact in mind that the teachers who will you interviewing you do this on an annual basis. So, if you try too hard to present yourself as someone that you are not, they will catch you. While answering questions, be honest. If reading books is not your actual hobby, state that you prefer videos instead. Back your answer with proper reasoning and the interviewing teachers cannot deny your explanation. In fact, they will appreciate your honesty and rate you higher. No matter what the situation is, always answer truthfully. Schools like students who can acknowledge themselves.

  • Take note of your conduct

The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon also judge you on the basis of your personal conduct. That way, they evaluate your skills and awareness and search for that X-factor. How you sit on the chair, how well your hair is done, are you greeting while entering the interview hall, or are you using fillers in your answers. All these cumulatively show your present capability to join the new institution and the secret respect that you hold for the school. If you did not care to prepare for the interview, both physically and emotionally, it only shows the teachers that you are taking the admission casually.

  • Have a few questions for the school

Interviewing teachers like students who have a few queries after the session is over. In fact, you will be asked to clear your doubts about the school once the teachers have completed asking their set of questions. Here again, prepare a few queries to ask in the interview hall but do not ask something whose answer is already available. This is your chance to show how smart you are and deep you go while researching a topic. Ask genuine questions related to academics, infrastructure, alumni, and future prospects and show your enthusiasm for joining this new institution.

The Alpine Convent School invites admission requests for all its grades and maintains a transparent and carefully designed procedure to absorb new students. The reputation of the school in turning students into successful professionals is well-known and thus, every year, the school is flooded with applications seeking admission. For the senior batch, students really need to fit into the Alpine ethos. And the school entertains all students who show genuine curiosity and sincere interest to learn. Good schools will test you. They seek talent that is not merely defined by marks. Stick to the basics and show your true skills and you shall surely get admission to a school that will elevate you from your present level.