5 Factors that Affect Student Learning

5 Factors that Affect Student Learning

17 January, 2024

Famously quoted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – “Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom” – sophisticated student learning considered as the powerhouse of knowledge, lay a base of the future for a child. Education delivered and the methodologies implemented by best schools in Gurgaon determine the growth of students. However, there are times, where schools tend to miss out on the factors that affect learning. Let’s take a look at the top possible factors that impact a students’ learning at schools:

  1. Teaching Patterns: One of the most critical facets that affect student’s learning is the delivery of content by teachers. The teachers play a major role in creating a learning environment within classrooms. Children, take a lot from the educators. It is imperative to ensure that your child is delivered with the best of content followed by attributes. The personae of an educator correspondingly work in modelling their student’s knowledge. The best schools in Gurgaon ensure they employ the best of the educators with highly persuasive backgrounds and that no compromise is made with the erudition of their students.
  2. Safety: Although this might not sound like a notable fact allied to student learning, this is a vital element for a student. The surroundings and a controlled school environment lead to a smoother learning progression. Whereas, even the best schools in Gurgaon with a bothered atmosphere will hinder the quality of education. Students with an insecure mindset, face issues in focusing which often results in lower scores. It is an imperative move for the institutions to make sure of the fact that the students are kept away from all forms of nuisance and fights. The culture needs to be strong enough for an enhanced learning standard.
  3. Role of parents: One cannot ignore the fact, that, it’s not only the school and instructors who work on making a child’s future, their parents, similarly, play a major role in ensuring the right learning of their child. Parental involvement in the child’s education can motivate them. It is important to ask children questions about their day, help them with specific tasks assigned to them in school, as well as encourage them to study as well as complete their work. Students, from the ground, get geared towards learning. This is a big motivating factor for children.
  4. Disabilities: One of the foremost aspects, often left unexpressed, unidentified, or hidden, is the learning disabilities in a child. School, teachers, and peers, when working on a child, assure him with the best of the education, however, if the student learning concerns are coming out as persistent, then, there are, in some cases, disabilities are associated. There might be emotional syndromes connected with a child or a few students deal with the social stigma. Refining a child following the medical concerns, and spreading the right awareness, can do wonders for them. These disabilities do affect the learning of children at such a tender age.
  5. Willingness: A student’s enthusiasm to absorb and showcase readiness to the instructors provides the former with an admirable spur. Sometimes, there are kids, which lose motivation and do not possess the willingness to learn. That’s when, educators and peers, start working off even harder to provide them with the finest of outcomes. A child, lacking the willingness and zeal to learn is to be taken care of broadly. Some best schools in Gurgaon provide experiential mentoring for such kids. But, it is important to note, that unwillingness is an extremely sensitive factor that affects learning.

The schools, these days, have become conscious of the mannerisms which affect the students learning . Alpine Convent Schoolguarantees no compromise is made with the education of their kids. Listed amongst the top school in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School offers a structured curriculum with enhanced over-the-books training, together with applied practices. According to Mr. R.K. Sharma, Hon. School Chairman, Foremost attention is delivered with the best of the mentors on personality development followed by ensuring the emotional development of the student. Also, special consideration is fixated on ensuring a safe atmosphere inside the school.

A child is blessed with his competencies, but, the approach towards nurturing the one develops their base for a promising future. A little awareness is what is all necessary. If you’re looking for a school with quality education and higher standards for your kid, then, Alpine Convent School is the best school in Gurgaon that will prove to be your best decision.