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Learning Support with Alpine

Learning Support with Alpine 4

Teaching Methodology

The Alpine Convent School is emphatic about providing child-centric education, and keeping this in mind, we offer learning that is both interactive and experiential. The teaching methodology is a diverse mix of the most recent innovations in education and is based on the latest findings in tutoring research.

We realize that a single method cannot suit everyone. Our teachers select the best combination of various approaches according to the learning styles and needs of their students.

They act as facilitators and guide the students in their learning using activities, audio-visual stimuli, projects and presentations. The focus remains on creating awareness in the students and providing them with experiences that they can apply to real-life situations.

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We confidently predict that technology will never replace the book (though it may well alter its appearance). From Pre-Montessori to Higher Secondary Alpine Convent School will encourage a love of reading, both for the sheer joy of it and because it is the most useful technological tool in the student’s range of skills. In addition to formal (silent) workstations, the Library-Media Center not only features real books but also quiet storytelling corners and even a coffee bar where students can read and relax. Our reading material comes from a variety of sources, India and abroad.

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Expeditions, Camps and International Exchanges

India’s topography, flora and fauna provide unparalleled resources for the expeditions and field visits which are demanded by our international curriculum. International Exchanges are also being established with International Baccalaureate schools in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Educational and adventure camps are part of the annual calendar and students from Grade 2 onward go to explore, appreciate and connect with nature. This strengthens the bonds of interdependence and helps our students understand and value natural resources. It also teaches them adaptability and conservation.

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Our Ethos

The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The full boarding environment encourages a firm sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and, in turn, be sustaining in life beyond the school. The four Houses provide a superb system of pastoral care promoting individual and academic confidence. Alpinites come to appreciate the creative tension between independence and interdependence and they do so with dynamic effervescence and an obvious sense of fun.

The chance to live and work alongside people from vastly varied backgrounds and states in India and from countries abroad is an enriching experience. Students work with teachers, other members of the adult community and with other students in ways that go beyond the traditional relationship imposed by the classroom or laboratory.

The four houses at Alpine provide the bedrock upon which supported independence and youthful fellowship can be built Students learn to treat each other and all members of the community with kindness, sensitivity and respect.

Houses are staffed by teams of adults who work generously to sustain and uphold the health and happiness of young people in their care. We work in partnership with parents, based upon agreed values which stretch the well-being, and hone the prospects, of the students. Housemasters are supported by Assistant Housemasters, Dames and Tutors. Each pupil meets regularly with his Tutor, who provides age-specific guidance. Houses vary in character, composition and location but they all share the central ethos of our community.

The working week at The Alpine Convent School is full and weekends offer a rich program of structured activities, social occasions and other recreational opportunities

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Children, as they grow, deal with their own stresses, pressures and anxieties- some real, some imaginary, some temporary and some more permanent. We provide counselling services to help our students understand themselves better and to deal with their life situations. 

The school has 2 trained counsellors, one for the junior school and one for the senior school. Both of them have worked in the field for more than 20 years and are very skilled in dealing with children and adolescents. Counselling is absolutely confidential and parents are free to get in touch with the counsellor regarding any issue that worries them. 

Apart from handling emotional issues that may stem from the school, home or peer group, we also help the students to make career choices. This may be at the end of grade of X when they need to choose subjects of study or it may be all through Grades XI and XII, relating to career options and foreign admissions.

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Extra Classes or Learning Centers

Learning Center comprises Junior LC (Classes Pre-Mont to VI) and Senior LC (Classes VII- XII). Learning Center has been an integral part of the school since the school’s inception in 1998. It focuses on a holistic curriculum which not only addresses concerns related to academics, socio – emotional, physio – motor, speech and linguistic area but also in developing pre- vocational skills of the child to keep pace with the formal system of education.

A team of professionals devises the same, suiting the child’s needs and ability to absorb and apply the information meted out to him/her. The junior and senior school learning centers persevere continuously so as to allow these gifted children to overcome challenges. Along with guiding them in their academics, they are also groomed in another quintessential aspect, which is imbibing the values of a good Alpinite, and in turn a good Samaritan. This combination allows them to simultaneously excel in academics and co-curricular fields, which render them capable of fulfilling their goals. 

Other Learning Center work areas include –

  • Remediation of the students from the mainstream who have undergone a formal diagnosis of Learning disability. They are helped to form a conceptual understanding related to subjects and other issues.
  • Monitoring such students in their mainstream classes.
  • Frequent Parent teacher Meeting and counselling.
  • Enabling the children to reach their optimum level of potential through Individualized Educational Programme which is subject to constant evaluation and revision.

The Center is child- centric but follows the system of inclusive education which means that the children are part of all the activities of the mainstream school. A team of counselors, special educators and speech therapist facilitate the working of the Learning Center,

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