Yoga and Aerobics and Their Benefits to School Students

Why include yoga and aerobics in schools? On top of the other existent physical activities like soccer and basketball? Don’t they all have the same exact purpose? It is indeed difficult to differentiate yoga from other forms of physical activities when viewed as just another type of exercise, but when its underlying psychological benefits are brought into the fray, that is when its necessity becomes clear. There is a good reason why most of the schools in the list of top 10 schools in India have yoga and aerobics included in their curriculum. Students who indulge thrive in more than one way and both their personal and academic lives get a huge boost.

So, how are yoga and aerobics beneficial to school students? Let’s find out.

Yoga and aerobics are good relaxation techniques

Other type of sports that work to give students their daily dose of physical activity seldom have relaxation techniques involved in their routine. Such activities are rarely guided and the scope of mindfulness is absent. These do not make sports unnecessary but increase the need for yoga and aerobics. Along with cardio exercises, yoga and aerobics also have spaces for breathing exercises, meditation, and other such calming activities. When students engage in relaxation sessions, they tend to destress regularly and become more capable of tackling their daily life. They can then play a sport better, with greater competitiveness and ambition, when they can have a session solely meant for relaxation.

They take away the sedentary habits of students

The current lifestyle of all students is generally sedentary in nature. When they are not playing or studying, the time is generally spent behind the television or video games. The amount is more for students who find no interest in sports and feel demotivated to return to the ground. This is where yoga and aerobics are winners. They do not require any specific skills from the students’ side. Everyone can engage in these forms of physical exercises and leave their sedentary lives behind. The top 50 schools in Gurgaon having yoga and aerobic classes generally look to keep their students’ lifestyle healthy so that their education does not suffer owing to the sedentary nature.

Yoga and aerobics help in motor and cognitive development

Schooling is not only about learning their subjects for the students. This is also the time when they undergo their motor and cognitive development. They grow physically and gradually get accustomed to their changing physiology. They also pick up knowledge and explore new ways of learning them. During these developmental phases, yoga and aerobics can really work as positive catalysts to help with their motor and cognitive connection. The stretching and lengthening exercises can help the students to become aware of movement and improve their balance. Meditation and guided breathing can increase their attention span and concentration levels. Both the benefits will be mirrored in their classrooms and in their lives, which will lead to further development.

They act as energising exercises leading to healthy habits

Inactive lifestyle leads to unhealthy habits. Also, when other sports tend to become too competitive, they cease to act as energising sources. Both yoga and aerobics have no competition involved. They are only about activities and that is all. And when students are physically active that is also not stressful, such a group tends to develop all the healthy habits. The first visible sign will be in their eating habits. Physically active students have a higher affinity to stay away from junk food than inactive or stressed ones. Next, their sleeping habits will also improve where they will go to bed at a particular time and have deeper and refreshing sleep than an average student. Yoga and aerobics create the perfect mix of exercises. Not only do they create short-term benefits but the long-term effects are prominent as well.

Say yes to yoga and aerobics in schools

And encourage your child to attend the sessions that the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon India have for their students. Alpine Convent School has yoga and aerobics included in their list of extra-curricular activities from the very beginning for the school understands and recognises the benefits they have on their students. Under proper supervision and guidance, Alpine students indulge in yoga and aerobics periodically to not only keep their bodies fit but also keep their minds healthy. Not only in India, but yoga, and aerobics are also now being recognised internationally for their contribution towards education and development and it only serves your child right that he/she has access to these sessions in his/her school as well.


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