Why Must Schools have Clubs and Houses? How do they Help Students?

Schools are centers of learning and the word “learning” must encompass all there is to learn. In other words, education received in schools cannot be strictly restricted to academics and must also include skills necessary for a successful career and life. Ultimately, all students will have to function in groups, learn to live in harmony with their society, know when to seek help and lead when the time arrives. Books can inculcate such skills to a certain extent among students and it is only with practice from a young age can they develop such survival instincts.

School clubs and houses exist to serve this purpose. Students learn belongingness and competitiveness at the same time. Houses are not about dividing the students, but to instill such skills that textbooks alone cannot teach. The house system helps students to go a long way in their lives and the best schools in Delhi rankings will have an efficient system in place.

Houses foster peer feelings

A school house will have students of different classes and grades and make them come together during meetings and events. This increases the peer boundary of a student from one single classroom. Again, being associated with a single entity even when students come from different streams inspires a sense of unity. Students learn to respect their peers, starting observing the advantage of a group and develop a sense of working together with different people to achieve a common goal, which is generally winning the House Cup.

Students learn to be leaders

Every house needs house captains who lead and motivates the rest of the house members. The captains are senior students who manage the entire house consisting of students of all grades and different capabilities. They are in charge of finding the right student for the right task, maintaining in-house discipline and lead from the front as an example. Even though the responsibilities are simpler as compared to the outside world, but the leadership skills attained will be invaluable. The captains practice leadership while the rest of the members can learn from their leaders.

Encourages competitiveness and ambition

The best school in sector 10 Gurgaon will continuously keep their students actively involved in extra-curricular activities and most of them will be inter-house competitions. Such events will give rise to the sportsman spirit, encourage a competitive attitude and develop positive ambitions towards a higher goal. The winning house will want to continue their run, the second will continuously try to overtake the winner while the house lagging behind will try their best to win no matter what. Every student in these houses will share these feelings which will eventually shape their careers and the way they lead their life.

Helps students to explore their abilities

And with rising competitiveness and ambition, students feel the need to explore their passions outside academics and the house system adds fun and excitement to it. It is far more interesting to play a sport when you have other teams to beat. The zeal to excel in quiz will come while competing against someone better. The sense achievement that comes along with success keeps the inspiration going and students are self-driven to explore and excel more. The best schools will give their students the options and houses further the benefits.

Inspires teamwork and individuality

As a house brings together a large number of students, every member learns to identify their individuality and what all can they achieve as a team. A student may find that he/she is a better chess player that someone who is a good debater. This student will accept his/her ability and cheer for the other in public speaking events without getting disheartened. The same rule applies to other sections where students learn to accept their individual talents and come forward together to take the house forward. In short, the house system teaches students life lessons in the practical world and eliminates the need for theoretical reading about them.

Clubs and Houses – an absolute necessity in school

The benefits are undeniable and students who have been a part of a school with clubs and houses can cope with the real-world challenges better. It is a matter of starting the preparation early and being ready for the situation. A student who has already identified his/her leadership skills will never back down from a managerial role. Similarly, the sense of teamwork will remain with students when they take on more difficult challenges and will already know how to blend in.

Alpine Convent School, one of the best institutes in the all school list in Gurgaon, identifies the benefits of the house system and actively maintains four houses within the school. The management regularly conducts inter-house events like sports day, public speaking, science fair, spelling bees and much more to help students reap the advantages of being in a house. Apart from the school’s performance in academics, these essentials also matter which help in a complete learning and being ready for a shining career.

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