What is Smart School? How is it Helpful?

Smart classes are common topics of discussions but can the same concept be applied to an entire school? After all, a classroom is a part of a school and when much thought is spared in making a classroom smart, why not do the same for the school as a whole? When students visit smart schools instead of just smart classes, their level of education naturally amplifies by that extent. And certainly, the benefits offered by smart schools outnumber the ones available with smart classes. There is indeed little space for any debate as to the necessity of smart schools in the current age and as parents, you must be equipped with the required information so that you can identify one when you see one.

What are smart schools?

Drawing reference from the well-known definition of smart classes, smart schools are those institutions in the list of international schools in Gurgaon who apply the power of technology to the whole establishment. And these technologies are both educational and non-educational in nature. To state it simply, smart schools will not only have smart boards and projectors in their classrooms but also have provisions like automatic fire detection systems, GPS tracking in their school buses, internet connectivity in the entire campus, and computerised attendance system. The purpose that smart schools serve is to enhance the educational experience of students, not just improve their lessons.

Thus, smart schools are all-inclusive. Students get the entire package of benefits. They can have an interactive curriculum in their classrooms and also feel safe in their school campus. They can watch a video to learn a subject, explore more on the topic from anywhere in the campus and study in an ambiance within the school that is improved by all the available modern technology. Making the whole school smart increases productivity and broadens the scope of including smart technology.

Characteristic of smart schools

If you list top schools in Gurgaon and want to pinpoint the ones that are smart, you will generally find the following provisions or infrastructures present in the institute’s campus.

  • Inquiry-based and application-oriented learning with the help of videos and audios in classrooms
  • Use of digital tools among teachers and students to communicate and interact over educational matters
  • School’s security automated as much as possible and constant manual supervision for better safety
  • Provision of personal computers for students in the library to feed their curiosity and further their knowledge
  • Futuristic labs like robotics, mathematics, and language that aid in students’ education and provide them with modern skills
  • Dynamic learning ambiance for students where they can learn at their own pace wither by referring to a classroom recording or accessing additional resources from the internet

This list can indeed go on. Any school that applies technology in every way possible can be termed as a smart school. And that technology must be spread over the entire campus and not just remain limited to its classrooms.

How are smart schools helpful?

A simple way to answer this is to think about the benefits of a smart classroom and then multiplying those exact thoughts with the entire expanse of the school. And yet there will be room for some additional points that make smart schools clear winners.

  • Interactive learning has no boundary. It can happen within the class, in the school’s lobby or in the library.
  • With computerised attendance system, teachers can focus on teaching rather than spending time with attendance-related paperwork. This improves classroom productivity.
  • When technology is infused with the school’s security, chances of manual errors reduce. Students get to study in a safe environment and focus on education.
  • Futuristic labs aid education. These are the places of skill development which the regular curriculum cannot include. Students can take their time to brush up their communication skills in language labs or experiment with machines in the robotics lab.
  • Technology eases knowledge consumption. Students can learn their subjects with online games right in the classrooms or interact with a teacher from the library while delving into a particular resource.

Smart schools are the necessities now. The vision must broaden and include the whole institution.

Alpine Convent School, the best school in Sector 10 Gurgaon, has been on the path of making their whole school smart right from the very beginning. The institute is the perfect example where the benefits of technology radiate from every corner of the campus and students are put into a learning regime that is interactive, fun, and rich. With smart schools, education can truly catch up with the changing dynamics of modern society and with the right school, it can even outpace the current demands and drive students to assured success.

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