Top 7 Skills that the Best School Teaches its Students

Skills are known to supplement academics. When students pass out from schools with a proper set of skills along with their education, only then do they become fit to become professionals. Education without skills is only information and the future has no space for such students. Thus, it has always been vital that schools concurrently focus on skill-building along with providing education and in this current era, it has become all the more important.

So, here is a list of the top 7 skills that the best CBSE school in Sector 56 Gurgaon teach their students to enable them to become the future professionals that the companies will want to hire. It is never too early to lay focus on skill-building and the schooling phase is always the right time for students to learn anything.

  1. Technical skills

Going by the modern trend, technical skills have assumed a level of importance that is almost necessary for survival. A technically unsound student will quickly feel lost in the world that is yet to come and find difficulty fitting in. Thus, the responsibility naturally falls on the schools to teach them the required skills and make them privy with the basic upcoming technologies. 3D printing, robotics, ICT and sensor knowledge are a few topics that fall in this list.

  1. Communication skills

Not the traditional ones that all schools tend to focus on! The best schools identify with the need for the future and prepare a student to communicate effectively over media that are slowly gaining popularity. Impeccable grammar skills come first in communication. Then comes the skills to write emails, chat ethically, become familiar with video calling, and verbal skills while on a conference call. Communication skills should encompass such modern methods.

  1. Questioning skills

Only the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon teach their students to ask smart questions and encourage the flourishing of any idea. Such schools flip the common standard of schooling where students are the ones who face the questions. By allowing them to ask instead, the best schools look to spur curiosity, encourage research, and instigate critical thinking. When students ask questions, it means that they understand the topic and are churning it in their minds.

  1. Time management skills

As the world is getting busier by the day and productivity is always on the cards, time management is a crucial skill that students must have to be able to tackle all and not burn out. Good schools teach time management at every opportunity they get starting from punctuality in everyday classes to finishing answering all the questions in the exam. Teachers continuously hand out time management tips and encourage the students to apply them.

  1. Team playing skills

Almost all work that is now available requires a team of people to execute them. No one can accomplish anything alone. And being a team player is a skill that needs nurturing right from the school level. Students need to learn the art of fitting into a diverse group that often contain members from a different background, upbringing, and culture. Schools can teach this by grouping students for a project or encouraging them to play sports that require a team.

  1. Personal management skills

Right after team playing, comes personal management. Every student will have their own goals and ambitions and that often tend to dictate their behaviour in a social gathering. This is where personal conduct is so important as an unethical trend can never overpower what is socially acceptable. The best school in the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon focusses heavily on their students’ personal conduct. Good and professional behaviour is a skill all must have.

  1. Listening skills

This particular skill may seem trivial when compared to the others in this list but listening is what leads to development. Only by listening properly can the students get a different perspective about their own ideas and build on that to become someone better. Plus, listening skills always come in handy while taking instructions, solving a problem, or filtering out noise from valuable information. The top schools have language labs where listening skills can get their deserved attention.

The Alpine Convent School is such a school where skill-building forms an integral part of the students’ regular curriculum. By applying working techniques, the school looks to prepare its students for the future society and refines their skills to the extent needed. The list of skills that students need to pick up is indeed endless. And the best schools bring in all in the right mix to help their students.

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