Top 6 Skills your Child Must Learn while Advancing in School

In the modern world, advancing in class is more than about getting passing grades in the allotted subjects. Students must develop life skills along with the subject knowledge in order to survive in their life after school and only then can the education of a particular grade can be complete. The top schools ensure an all-round development of your child and the focus is never solely upon academics. Their students also learn future skills as they advance in school and are capable of adapting better to this fast-changing world.

Here is a list of the top 6 skills that your child must be working upon while in school. The best schools in sector 50 Gurgaon will provide the facilities and make arrangements for these depending on the grade your child is in. Test your child to see if he/she is developing these or not and make sure that their introduction is not delayed.

  1. Real-life financial skills with mathematics

The earlier your child is exposed to math, the better it is for him/her. But your child should not just be an expert with a pen and a paper. He/she must also be able to apply the mathematical skills in real-life and this can come if his/her school is relating math to the outside world. The problem your child is solving should be based on real life and he/she should be encouraged to do their own calculations. Proficiency in basic finance at a young age can go a long way and this skill should be there as your child moves towards the end of primary school.

  1. The skill to negotiate

Negotiation comes from critical thinking and being able to express oneself. Academics is somewhat limited to develop this skill and hence the top 50 schools in Gurgaon always resorts to other methods to build this skill. Actively participating in debate can help your child a lot. Other activities like public speaking, playing chess, leading a team in a project can also build the skill of negotiation. Schools must start exposing students to these activities at the secondary level and the frequency should increase in the higher secondary standards.

  1. Comfort with technology and basics of coding

Technology is already an important part of our daily lives and the world is slowly moving towards automation. Being unaware of this world will leave students unemployable and surviving in the future world can become difficult. Hence, irrespective of the stream students follow, all must possess a basic coding knowledge and should be comfortable with the upcoming technologies. The best schools have robotics lab for this very reason to teach students the fundamentals and the exposure can increase with advancing grades.

  1. Skill to imagine and remain curious

Experts believe that we currently have left behind the world of industrialisationand live in the economy of knowledge. Students with a curious mind and the passion to know more will advance better and find success. So, along with grades, your child must also show an intent to learn more and his/her curriculum should involve something more than the allotted syllabus. Schools should have a rich library, must have discussion sessions and promote imagination. With high marks, your child should also be curious about the outside world.

  1. Language and vocabulary skills

Language often takes a backseat in the rush to focus on the core subjects. But with advancing grade, your child must develop proficiency in English, a second language and basic skills in third. This should include high vocabulary skills, excellent grammatical skills, speaking fluency and so on. It will help your child to communicate, reason and advance better. The best schools have spelling contests, creative writing competitions and dedicated language rooms to enhance a student’s reading and writing skills. Again, the earlier the exposure, the better for your child.

  1. Basic real-life skills

The ability to navigate with the help of a map can happen through school excursions. The skill to cook quick dishes can happen in cooking clubs. To call a helpline number when in distress or ask the right person for help, students should be having these basic life skills as they are growing up. Schools can have sessions to teach these to their students or explain a hypothetical situation and make them perform a drill. Education is about being able to adapt to every situation and having the agility to deal with it.

Alpine Convent School, one of the top institutes in the list of private schools in Gurgaon, teaches all of the above skills to their students as they advance in grades. They have every activity to enhance these abilities and students of this institute are better adept to face the outside world. Be it technology or language, life skills through excursions or proficiency in math, the school covers all. So, find such a school for your child where education is complete and he/she learns everything along with academics.

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