Top 5 Teaching Methods that all Schools Must Adopt

“What to teach” is generally easy to address for schools as the curriculum is almost always defined by the board of their affiliation. “How to teach”, on the other hand, requires more consideration as it is that parameter that works to convert the school to one of the premier educational institutions. The way information is delivered defines the school’s prominence in their students’ lives, the expertise of its faculty team and to what depths the academic needs are being met in the institution. The pedagogy fills the educational gap that may existamong pupils ensuring anin-depth consumption of knowledge.

Numerous researches have made a variety of observations on what methods teachers should employ in order to have valuable educational exchange within the classrooms. Every year is a new challenge for the teachers as it brings along a fresh batch of students with different learning dynamics. Adapting to the changing needs must form the core teaching methodology combined with the following 5 which all schools must adopt.

  1. Multi-sensory learning approach

International schools are often the only ones among all other institutes in the all school list in Gurgaon to identify the varying sensory learning needs of a class. Every student has their own unique way of consuming knowledge and it varies from being visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a mixture of all. The right educational approach will create the perfect balance among the various learning methods so that every subject reaches all students. Schools must also provide special interactive sessions for children with learning disabilities and even address any lingering psychological hindrances that might affect education.

  1. Inquiry-based lecture delivery

Teachers should begin and end a class with thought-provoking questions that will compel students to trigger their analysing side. Also, allowing students to ponder over a topic before teaching them the answer fosters better knowledge consumption within the class. Direct lecturing approach may work well for higher education, but inquiry-based learning must reside in schools. Irrespective of the subject, teachers should innovate to allow students to address a problem themselves and also provide the freedom to raise queries. Only through such healthy interactions can a topic find a solid base.

  1. Inter-disciplinary tactics

In simple words, this is a learning method in which the teachers combine and relate two or more subjects wherever relevant. For instance, mathematics often find application in science subjects and science teachers can take this opportunity to brush up the students’ mathematical concepts. From the student’s side, understanding the application and purpose of the math’s topic will allow retaining the concepts better and both the related subjects will find more meaning. The best school in Gurgaon for class 11 often employs such inter-disciplinary learning approaches which should be utilised for all grades.

  1. Connecting concepts with the real world

Actual examples always work better to uncomplicate topics than the fictional ones. Teachers must relate theoretical concepts to the real world as this help students to understand the matter’s true application. This approach also encourages experimental learning where students begin to form and derive their own examples and work out their ideas in the school laboratories. It develops the student’s mindset to apply their knowledge to their daily lives, become literally aware of their surroundings and be more analytical of the environment around. These can start in classrooms by following the connecting teaching approach.

  1. Fun and positive ambiance

The teaching tactics should be fun and positive so that students will want to come to school to learn. It is often the monotony of the subject or the way it is delivered that creates all the aversions among students. Teachers must awaken their creative side to turn a topic lively and make use of the available resources in the school to bring in the enjoyment element. The best IGCSE school in sector 56 Gurgaon has labs for language, mathematics, science and much more where students can spend time to learn the subjects in a fun way. All other teaching approaches are bound to fail if the students do not stay motivated. Hence, creating a positive ambiance within the classroom must top the chart.

Alpine Convent School is one such institute which follows the right mix of pedagogy. Along with the above approaches, the teachers here also ensure the development of language proficiency, collaborative learning, skill-based teachings and so on. The institute is stringent to maintain the perfect learning methodologies for its students and provides all the accompanying necessary facilities. So, make sure that your child’s school has the answer to the “how” part of teaching. As discussed, simply “what” can never complete education.

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