Top 5 Learning Activities all Classrooms Must Have

Top 5 Learning Activities all Classrooms Must Have

The fact is well-known that students pay their full attention in class only for 40% of the entire time. Plus, the net human concentration span fluctuates highly especially at a young age when the mind remains curious all the time. Thus, in a class of nearly an hour, it only fair to assume that at an average, students only consume half or even less of what is being taught and that is never the goal of a constructive classroom. Effective learning activities stand as solutions here through which teachers can make full use of those 60 minutes. The end result must be that students completely consume the matter at hand and the following 5 learning activities used in a proper blend can become handy to all teachers.

  1. Debate and discussion sessions

When students actively participate in their education and brainstorm ideas, the associated information naturally seeps into their memory centers. For instance, there can a group discussion about a history topic or a debate on what an author meant while writing particular poetry. Discussing and debating with peers will not only break the regular classroom monotony but also create space for new perspectives. And whatever ideas students pick up from here will stay with them for a long time. The best school in Sector 38 Gurgaon often resorts to discussion sessions as the academic benefits of this learning activity is massive.

  1. Classroom experiments

Technically known as the hands-on approach to learning, experiments and visual aids can easily bring out the true meaning of a topic. Science subjects have immense scopes when it comes to models and experiments and the lessons can either happen in the classroom or the laboratories. The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon of the modern era take things a bit further by having language and mathematics labs in their premises where students can learn with tools and technology. This method forms an immediate connection of theory with practicality and naturally, the subject consumption is better than any conventional approach.

  1. Students teaching the class

The role can at times be reversed where students can dawn the responsibility of the teacher to explain a few topics to their peers. For teaching, students will have to go to the very depths of the subject, carry out their own research, take questions from the class, and be creative while delivering the lesson. All these will help the child to really understand the topic, work on his/her public speaking skills, and maybe revise the subject if it has already been taught earlier. And then there is the excitement of taking command of the class for a few minutes. From all angles, the reversal of roles in the classroom is a great learning technique for all.

  1. Quiz competition

On the surface, a quiz contest can be a fun activity but at its core, it holds enormous learning potential. A classroom can easily become a quiz centre where the theme of the questions can be the subject in the curriculum and the students will have to recall their lessons in order to win the game. This recalling technique provokes the mind to scout its memory area and if an answer is not available, it immediately searches the environment for it. And when someone gives the right answer, that knowledge is stored in the mind for eternity. Such is the effectiveness of quiz contests. Here again, students can efficiently brush up any topic with this activity.

  1. Pool of questions method

Twenty students in a classroom can have twenty different questions regarding a particular topic and it will become herculean for the teacher to answer all at the end of the lesson time. But all those queries require attention as personalised learning is a priority any school in the list of CBSE schools in Gurgaon and that is where the pool of questions learning technique becomes beneficial. Here, the teacher can maintain a bowl or a box where students can place their questions by writing on a chit. Then, at the end of the week or during any remedial class, the teacher can pick a few questions up to answer them individually. The time gap ensures that the matter gets sufficient time with the students and the need to know also becomes stronger.

The Alpine Convent School places classroom engagement at an elevated level and all its teachers follow such learning activities in classrooms to ensure subject retention. The institute believes in uncomplicating learning. Monotony is never a good academic ingredient. In such schools, your child will surely thrive owing to the implementation of modern educational tactics and that is what ultimately defines a great school.

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