Top 4 Benefits of Following an International Curriculum in School

International schools are rapidly gaining popularity due to the diversity they offer in their curriculum and are substituting the national boards in preference with good reason. Education is no longer limited to any nation in this digital age as the corporate world, where the students will ultimately land, has already eradicated all international boundaries. Companies are now multinational and they seek candidates who possess cross-cultural skills and can fit into any location. The answer to building such skills lies with international schools and hence the increase in their demand.

However, if you keep the obvious professional advantage aside, the argument that local schools can compete with international ones find some ground, but the latter always have their noses ahead due to a variety of other benefits. Here is a list of the top 4 among them which goes on to solidify the fact that the best international schools in Gurgaon are considered to be the best and preferred over the national ones with valid reason. Read on to clear your doubts.

  1. Cultural variation mixed with academics

Learning a foreign curriculum in a school in India tends to give the students the best from both worlds. While students learn about their home culture and their teachings at home, it only makes sense that the schools introduce a new one along with the homeland teachings. For instance, if a student is learning the UK curriculum, his/her education will be a mix of both the Indian and English cultures.

This naturally brings about diversity in learning. Every culture has their own set of valuable teachings and learning from multiple sources broadens the mind. Such students are better informed, proficient rational thinkers and can quickly adapt to any situation given their wide exposure.

  1. Better choices of extra-curricular activities

An economically developed country will teach its students activities that are sync with the modern world. If a student from a comparatively less developed country learns the curriculum of the former, he/she is bound to stay ahead of time in his/her own country. By the time the student’s society reaches that level of development, he/she will have the necessary skills and be a valuable candidate.

This is the very reason why you will find a mandatory robotics lab in the best IGCSE school in Sector 10 Gurgaon even when robots are still picking up the pace in our country. By the time robotics is fully incorporated in every industry, students of such international schools will be comfortable with the technology and know all the operations.

  1. Enhanced proficiency in soft skills

In this current age of ever-increasing competition, soft skills are finding more value among recruiters than theoretical knowledge of the subject. The way you communicate with people, your conduct and how well you gel with colleagues from around the globe have now become performance parameters for promotion. Students with increased proficiency in their soft skills will have a better chance of finding their way out of the competition and move easily up the hierarchy.

Studies have shown that students from international schools show better soft skills than their local school peers. And this is no surprise due to the diversity and exposure that the former group enjoys. Be it through exchange programs or activities in their curriculum, students in international schools are constantly working to brush up their soft skills.

  1. Better availability of academic resources

Not all resources are on the internet and some books and publications remain limited to the national boundaries for obvious reasons. Naturally, a student in India can rarely gain access to a valuable resource in the UK which could have reshaped the academic experience he/she is experiencing. Studying in an international school eliminates this restriction on educational growth and students have full access to a wide variety of educational resources.

An Indian student studying in the best IGCSE school in Sector 56 Gurgaon can consume information from resources of both Indian and UK origin. His/her knowledge base will be richer than any student from local boards. Such diversity not only opens up multiple career opportunities, but students from such schools tend to lead a better quality of life due to access to many perspectives. Numerous resources can give the student multiple ideas which can transform into something life-changing.

And there is always the point on personality development that is a direct result of all the above points combined. Not that the local boards cannot give a student the right education, but international schools bring in something extra, things that are the need of the hour and skills that every student in today’s world must have. Institutes like Alpine Convent School are following this path by following the internationally accepted IGCSE curriculum to provide them with the right blend of education and prepare them for a better tomorrow. Every facility and every infrastructure follow international standards to provide only the best. So, select such an international school for your child and let her receive the perfect form of education.

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