The Learning and Academic Facilities All Modern Schools Must Have

How far can good teachers and great books take a student’s education if the school is not equipped with the right tools? How well can the student learn if theory is all he/she has access to? A school is only as good as its infrastructure and only those qualify as the modern ones who have all the required learning and academic facilities installed in their premises. The best school in the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon invests in amenities that work as a catalyst to education, enhances the whole academic experience for the students and heightens the performance of the entire institute.

A few of the must-haves are listed in this post. Any school having all the mentioned infrastructure is definitely way ahead into the future of education. Students need these now to tackle the upcoming socio-economic era, live in a technology-filled world and survive the ever-increasing competition across every sphere.

Smart Classes

The most obvious facility which allows the classrooms to integrate technology along with the existing methods of education. Textual learning is not enough now. Students need to visualise the concepts, understand the associated meanings and speed up the pace at which they can consume knowledge. Smart classes accommodate all these needs with the use of projectors, smart boards, audio and visual aids, and so on. Here, students have their required freedom to study from different sources and take in knowledge in their own preferred way of learning.

Language laboratories

Communication is no longer limited to verbal now. There are so many modes, so many channels. This has brought in the necessity of language labs where students can work on their communication skills over multiple platforms and in different languages. The way students frame an email is as important as public speaking, letter writing is still an art. Grammatical mistakes are seldom tolerated now and ethical expression is the need of the hour. These lessons can fit into the language labs, where the motive is to improve the student’s all forms of communication.

Robotics lab

In the upcoming age where robots are going to take over the menial and recurring jobs, only those students can find their way who are comfortable with these new and complex technologies. The advancement to a machine-dependent world is imminent. And schools must provide space for students to acquaint themselves with robots and programming. The children learn the application here, how to operate simple robots and create the foundation for further understanding. The basics are built so that they can survive the new era that is coming.

3D printing and visualisation

When the technology is available to create a real-life model of almost anything in the world, there is really no excuse to implement it in the classrooms to make education more practical. The 3D printing technology is one such innovation that the best IGCSE senior secondary school in Gurgaon will possess to make visualisation possible without any obstacles at all. Starting from an atom to complex circuits, students can turn their ideas into reality with such printers and better understand the underlying concepts. It creates curiosity and a further thirst for knowledge.

Information and Communication Technology lab

A computer lab in schools is good but an ICT lab is better. The difference lies in the fact that the latter will have the updated technology to allow students to delve deeper into ICT. Apart from the curriculum included computer topics, students can feed their interest in IoT technology, artificial intelligence and so on. There will be an IT teacher, the computers will have the necessary processing speeds. The software will be in line with the latest ICT platforms to equip students with the necessary future skills.

Mathematics lab

Only a few institutes among the top 20 schools in Gurgaon identifies the need for mathematics in a student’s life and how no child can be left behind just because he/she is weak with numbers. The problem with math often lies with visualisation and a mathematics lab can work as the required supplement. Here, students can practice the concepts of mathematics with real-life models, bring to life the equations and see how the theorems and laws are in work in the real world. The sheer connection will bring out an interest in the subject.

As evident, all the above facilities are important and the Alpine Convent School has them all. The school’s philosophy is to mix the modern pedagogy with their educational curriculum to allow the students to escalate their understanding. Knowledge takes the forefront and these learning and academic facilities aid the same. There is no debate. There must not be any compromise. Infrastructure is what makes a school great.

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