The Focus on Kinesthetic Skills and Why is it Necessary

Learning by doing – that is what kinesthetic skills roughly translates into. Contrary to the other forms of learning, kinesthetic is more activity oriented where students are required to engage their body. They are to mimic a physical lesson, learn while being involved in some activity or experiment with models to further explore a subject. To some, this comes naturally while others need to pick up these skills. And the top schools in Gurgaon will lay a higher priority on imparting kinesthetic skills, as one form may be dominant in a student but the other cannot stand neglected.

Why focus on developing kinesthetic skills?

Take visual and auditory learners, for example, who does not need a kinesthetic approach to learn a subject. The classroom lecture pattern is enough for them to go into the very depths of a particular topic. Now, the argument naturally comes in where why explore a totally new learning method when one form is already present and why not just teach the subjects in the student’s preferred method? Typically, kinesthetic skills serve the following purposes in learning.

  1. It creates experience

Psychology dictates that experience is a far better teacher than any form. Human minds tend to remember experiences, store them in long-term memory and play it over and over again to learn a lesson from it. Indulging in kinesthetic learning and picking up these skills will enable a student to form newer and newer experiences. Later, they can revisit these in their minds, learn from it through varying perspectives and feel the need to create even more experiences.

  1. It balances out skill levels

The real world is not so favorable to anyone. If the schools just focus on the students’ strengths, their weaknesses will remain unaddressed. Thus, the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon will have scope for all methods of learning. Visual learners will sometimes be exposed to auditory learning and auditory to kinesthetic, at times. This creates a balanced field, where students can work on their weaknesses, pull it up to an average level and better survive the real world. Or else, they will stumble when something goes out of their comfort zone and can rarely perform.

  1. It creates scope for more physical activity

Focus on kinesthetic skills is an excellent way to take out students from their sedentary lifestyles. The modern era is full of distractions where children are hardly engaged in any form of physical activity. With kinesthetic learning, the schools make their students participate in physically engaging activities like dancing, sports, excursions and so on and combine skills in all these sessions. It not only takes away the monotony of the classrooms but also takes the students out. The activity comes in naturally and students have a greater feeling of engagement.

Now, take the above away from a regular school’s curriculum. Will it still feel that much rich? However, with focus on kinesthetic skills in place, both academics and extra-curricular activities get their necessary place. When students indulge in a kinesthetic form of learning, irrespective of whether it is their preferred method or not, they learn better, retain better and naturally, perform better.

With the necessity of kinesthetic skills established, this post will remain incomplete without a brief discussion on how to implement such a technique in schools. So, let’s conclude this topic with that.

How to implement focus on kinesthetic skills?

The best school in the list of CBSE schools in Gurgaon will generally follow these methods.

  • Stress on the importance of taking notes in class. This brings in the most common form of activity during learning.
  • The massive scope of laboratory work. You will often find labs for language, mathematics, and so on along with the conventional science subjects.
  • Exercise and physical activity session included in the daily routine. Such periods will often come in just before the class of a complicated subject.
  • Periodic excursions and visits to local educational centers like the museum. The movement helps to develop kinesthetic skills.
  • And lastly, a huge number of options in extra-curricular activities. From sports to fine arts, the school will encourage students to always take part.

Focus on kinesthetic skills helps students. And the best schools like the Alpine Convent School understand that. In Alpine, kinesthetic skill formation is a major activity where various techniques are regularly followed to make their education application-based. Students are given the full opportunity to explore the benefits and advance in the right manner. In such schools, education is truly complete and all forms of learning get their deserved space. There is seldom any scope of strength or weakness but it is all about skill development.

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