The Daily Routine Structure of the Best CBSE School

The educational structure that a school follows, the philosophy it adheres to while teaching its students, can be imagined as a massive puzzle that is built by joining smaller blocks. These blocks are the daily contributions, the regular routine that the students are put into so that when all these timespans are accumulated, it gives rise to the final result. Naturally, much importance is given to the bigger picture. When selecting the best CBSE school in Gurgaon for your child, you look into the curriculum and the infrastructure. But the daily routine that the school follows deserves attention along with these regular drops that work together to determine how your child is ultimately set to fare.

A typical day in a top school is not like any other standard institution. It brings in a perfect blend of education, extra-curricular activities, relaxation, and socialisation. Good schools do not gruel and overwork their students. In fact, they set their routine to balance out the difficulties, offer space for creativity, and add that fun element to every second spent inside the school’s campus.

The day will always start with some form of meditation

The best aspect of a convent school is that the day starts with a short prayer or an assembly session. Not only is this time devoted to reaching out to the Almighty, but saying prayers for a minute or so works as a form of meditation for the students as well. It freshens up every participating member, readies the mental space to work and study, and serves as the time when the entire school comes together to unite in one common area. A feeling of unity develops here, a belongingness forms among the students and the staff.

The difficult subjects are taught first

Now, the difficulty is a subjective term. A student may find mathematics difficult while history may not sit well with another. However, the best CBSE school in Sector 38 Gurgaon will always keep a student’s physical and mental energy levels in mind in designing their daily routine. Right at the beginning when students are most fresh, subjects that require analytic reasoning has to come in. Hence, science and math are taught at the beginning of the day. As the day proceeds, energy levels are bound to droop and a tired brain is known to be creative. This is the right time to teach literature or engage students in fine arts as the response will naturally be far better. If you inspect the daily routine of any good school, you will find such a structure.

Extra-curricular activities are kept for the end

Sports, music, painting, or drama, all these come in after the students have completed their daily academic routine. And there is a good reason for this as well. Take any activity in the list of extra-curricular activities that top schools generally have in their routine. All the tasks seldom require rigorous brain activity or employ that part of the mind that just worked the whole day to consume knowledge. Engaging in these after the academic session allows the children’s academic part of the brain to rest and store information while the creative or reflex part works to form their own connections. Hence, at the end of the day, students get a complete exercise. As if every bit of the mind and body worked towards constructive overall development.

Variation in classroom teaching

Not every class will follow the lecture method. Not every subject will be taught on the blackboard. The top school in the list of private schools in Gurgaon always looks to bring in variation in their regular routine by including lab work in their daily sessions. A few of the English classes will be shifted to the language lab. Frequently, the math lessons will take place in its particular lab. And then there will be other labs like robotics and 3D printing where the science lessons will shift to when the teacher wishes to share a current example or want to the students to pick up futuristic skills. Although these happenings will not be a daily activity, they will sneak in periodically in a week. Students of good schools are kept under a diverse routine to ensure better consumption.

Every drop counts!

Schools like the Alpine Convent School have a regular routine that typically looks like this. Every second is designed depending on the student’s psychology and mental preparation so that all necessary activities are covered without tiring the child out. In such schools, students naturally thrive. Education advances in its desired way. For the school strives to make students perform in their comfort zone, concurrently helping them to break their boundaries.

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