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The Benefits of Smart Classes – Combining Education with Technology

Technology has crept into the educational sector a long ago and it’s about time that it finds its way into the classrooms as well. Take any institute in the list of best schools in Gurgaon, students there are increasingly being exposed to technology and classrooms are becoming smarter. In fact, recent studies have shown that students of a smart classroom show ahigher capability of consuming knowledge and fair better in exams than their traditional counterparts. Hence, it only makes sense to select a school for your child that invests cleverly into smart technology.

Apart from the student’s performance factor, there are several other benefits of combining education with technology. Here are a few of them which goes on to show that smart classes are an integral part of modern education and your child is missing out heavily if not given the right exposure. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Education is fun and more interactive

Interaction with the subject is better in smart classrooms and the availability of visuals make it fun and exciting. Be it through a projector or a smart board, teachers can use three-dimensional models to explain a topic or access detailed diagrams from the board’s memory to teach. This will make the class more captivating for the students who will willingly interact and promote discussions. Textbooks often have the tendency to become too theoretical which can be eliminated by smart classrooms. Learning becomes amusing and the options to remove monotony become available.

Technology facilitates all types of learners

A class will consist of students who prefer their own form of learning. Some learn better while listening to the subject while others may prefer a visual aid. Similarly, another group may dismiss both and want tangible examples to understand a concept. Smart classrooms can accommodate all and lectures can be designed to suit the majority. Teachers can use headphones for the auditory learners, videos for the visual ones and 3D figures for the last kinesthetic group using the same available tools. Adapting is easier and teaching becomes more student-focused.

Access to the internet makes learning easy

Teachers do not have to depend on the student’s imagination to explain a subject. For instance, the water cycle can easily be explained with an animated video from YouTube or the ecosystem of the Amazons can be shown with real-life pictures. Availability of the internet in smart classrooms makes learning a lot easier where teachers can readily cite examples using the resources available. The best IGCSE school in Gurgaon equips their classrooms with the necessary tools with an internet connection and facilitates easy access to all available online educational resources.

Study materials can be accessed from anywhere

From the library or the school grounds, within the lobby or on a field trip, smart classes allow teachers to have their notes and resources saved on some central server from where students can easily access them from anyplace. This way, students do not have to learn the same thing from multiple sources depending on their location and revise their subjects better. They can refer to the same history tutorial that they used in class while studying at home and eliminate the process of adjusting to a new teaching. Smart classrooms can be taken anywhere and all the notes are just a click away.

Saves an immense amount of class-time

With all the resources digitally available, smart classes minimise the time wasted on manual work. A teacher does not have to physically draw a diagram to explain human anatomy as the material is easily available on the net. The same is applicable for preparing questions, taking tests, submitting assignments or keeping records. With the appropriate tools and technology, every form of manual task can be eliminated from classrooms. This saves a lot of valuable time which can be put to better use and both the students and teachers can engage in other activities. There can be a small recess or a group discussion.

Lastly, education can receive real-time upgrades

The modern world is changing so fast that textbooks can hardly keep up. If a teacher is focusing on the science behind building solar panels in an academic year, by the time the subject is completed some new technology will evolve. With smart classes, learning can combine the basics from the textbooks while the internet can provide updated knowledge through some media in a projector. Students receive upgraded information and learning in real-time. The best school in sector 10 Gurgaon will always design their curriculum in this manner to provide the perfect education.

Alpine Convent School is one such institute where students are exposed to smart classes and learning from the very beginning. The school provides the right mix of technology and education and students receive all the above benefits in the institute. Smart classes help to fill the gap in knowledge as learning is all-around and complete. So, enroll your child into such modern institutes where the value of technology is fully utilised.

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