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School Students Should Regularly Meditate
Benefits of practicing Regular Meditation in school student   before the question on meditation in school When the counsellor of a major US school was asked what is the major issue that students brought to her on a regular basis, she answered by saying “I am overwhelmed”. In fact, Harvard has an ongoing program where the...
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5 Helpful Tips for Clearing Senior School Admissions
5 Tips for Getting Accepted into a Senior High School Unlike the pre-primary stage, students hold a lot more responsibilities in senior school admission. Here, the focus is more on you and your answers rather than your parents. To clear the senior school admissions of any of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, you will...
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Personalised Learning for Modern Schools
Personalized Learning: What’s Best School in Gurgaon Thinks? A story from a best school in Gurgaon; Rohit may want to become an engineer. Shruti may be showing interest in astronomy. Vishal may be struggling in mathematics while Nisha may harbour the desire to work in the United Nations one day. Can all these students sit...
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STEM to STEAM: How Is It the Way Forward?
STEM has been around in the educational system since the year 2000. STEAM, on the other hand, is fairly new. Both these terms came into existence owing to the trend of the job world as schools tried their best to prepare their students to join the future workforce. STEM, as thought, was successful for some...
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Inspiring Students Towards Self-Directed Learning
inspiring Students for Self-Directed Learning Modern-day corporate experts believe that self-directed learning is a new skill that will come into demand and by the time half a decade passes, professionals will have to master an upcoming skill to stay in the workforce. And if that is what the 21st century is going to be like,...
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Top 6 Exam Tips for Senior School Students
Top 6 Exam Tips for Senior School Students With exams knocking at the door, nothing can make students more anxious than an unexpected class test. The best exam tips for senior school students can help students tremendously during examinations. After receiving an excellent grade high schools students then move forward to pursue a college degree...
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5 Crucial Features of a Global Curriculum - Alpine Convent School
5 Crucial Global Curriculum Features Global curriculum features are truly essential for all students of the 21st century. As the connectivity of the entire world rises through the advancement of technology, only a few economic and social phenomenon will remain localised in nature. Plus, corporate establishments currently have the resources to tap into a global...
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